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This site is born with the purpose to underline all my love for the best game all over the world: Dragon's Lair!!! Why "REVENGE"? Well, as the greatest fan all over the world, i am working on a strong great project: The RISE of partecipatory movies, i am working at this project aggressively from 1992, after Dragon's Lair 2 definitive disappear, i did still believe in this kind of "strange" gameplay, that nowaday still finds very much consense all over the world!!! 

Here you will find all the parts of the project, including the cab, the Dragon's Lair III story, the pictures of some of the stages...   etc... by the way, if you are interested, and realize that your name is Rick Dyer or Don Bluth... feel free emailing me!!! :-)

Let's start dividing all the pages into different and more clear chapters: day by day i will try to update all the parts of the site, so stay tuned and check for 'em when they will be ready!!!!

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