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Belgio Caves Of Han
International Subterranean Heritage Association
The Caves Of Europe - L'Europe Souterraine
The Underground River Lesse - the biggest cave in Belgium
ISHA-AIPS - International Subterranean Heritage Association
Anthony Herrel's Belgian Caving Page
Societe Speleologique de Namur
UBS (Union Belge de Speleologie)
GSG (a speleo club from Genk)
Leuven University Speleological Society
Bulgaria Bulgarian Cavers Home Page
Croazia Croatian Caving with Club Velebit
Speleo Mountaineering expedition in Bolivia, Chile and Peru
Croatian Speleological Association
Speleological Society "Pauk", Fuzine Croatia
Speleological Society for the Research, Surveying and Photographing of Karst Phenomena (DISKF), Zagreb Croatia
Spelaeologica Croatica Journal
Croatian Speleology Home Page
Croatian Speleological Association
Croatian Speleological Server

Republica Cecha

The Czech Caving Page
Francia Section INRIA de Spéléologie caving server
Speleo-Club de Villeurbanne Web page
Groupement Speleologique de l'I.D.N. (l'Ecole Centrale de Lille)
French Caving School (EcoleFrancaise de Speleologie)
Spéléo Club de l'EPita
CREI - Commission des Relations et des Expeditions Internationales
Comité Départemental de Spéléologie des Alpes Maritimes   Anche in italiano
The most famous cave diving spots in the world.
Details of a painted cave just discovered in France
Marc Pivaudran's Speleo Page
E ric Gilli - Cave & Karst Researcher
Germania WWW Pages of the Hoehlenforschungsgruppe Blaustein
Peter Herttrich's Page
German caving FTP site
Homepage of AgKarst Karlsruhe
Höaut;hlenarbeitsgruppe Schwäaut;bisch Gmüaut;nd
Thomas Striebel's Homepage
Grecia Caves of Crete
Islanda Ishellir cave in Iceland
Irlanda Speleological Union Of Ireland(SUI)
University of Limerick Caving Group
Italia Speleologia Italiana
Caving in Italy - maintained by Fabio Siccardi
Gruppo Speleologico Etneo
Gruppo Triestino Speleologi
Gruppo Speleologico Piemontese
Italian Information WWW Point on various aspects of caving
Centro Speleologico Cagliaritano
Speleologia Sarda (Sardinia)
Federazione Speleologica Toscana
Federazione Speleologica del Lazio
Mirror italiano di Virtual Cave
Grotta del Vento, a show cave
Olanda Joep Orbon's Souterrains home page Artificial Cavities
Index to limestone quarries in the Netherlands
Polonia Speleo Link Page   Molti altri links
SKTJ caving pages
Portogallo NEC - Nucleo de Espeloelogia de Condeixa
Romania Romanian Speleology Home Page
Bogdan ONAC's Romanian Speleological Home Page
Russia Speleopage of Moscow University
Russian SpeleoInfoCentre
SGS - Speleo Club of Ekaterinburg
Home Page of the Moscow University Cavers' Club
Urals Speleological Association
Russian Union of Speleologists
Slovenia Slovenian caving server
Jamarski klub Zeleznicar
Spagna ERE del CEC's Home page
Speleo Club Cantabro Universitario
Grupo de Investigaciones Espeleologicas de Jerez
SIE Home Page
Clube Espeleoloxico Mauxo
A.C.E. Mataró
Sección de Espeleológica de Anem - Mallorca, Balaeres
Grupo de Actividades Espeleológicas de Madrid (GAEM)
The Matienzo Caving Expedition
Grupos espeleologicos SECJA y GESUB
Svezia Krister Valtonen's Swedish caving server
Svizzera Swiss toporobot server (about computer assisted cave mapping)
Swiss speleo server:
Speleological Abstracts
Die Höhlen des Dinkelberg
Turchia Turkish Cave locations (from Min. of Foreign Affairs)
Ukraina Ukrainian Speleological Association


Organizazioni The National Caves Association
NSS - National Speleological Server
NSS Cave Conservation Page
National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC)
National Cave Rescue Commission's Eastern Region
National Cave Rescue Commission's Central Region
National Cave Rescue Commission's Western Region
Southeastern Cave Conservancy
National Association for Cave diving
Clubs Yale Speleology Server Home Page
MIT Caving Club Homepage
Boston Grotto
Green River Grotto KY
Madison University Student Grotto
Nittany Grotto Pennsylvania State University
District of Columbia Grotto
Upper Cumberland Grotto
Little Egypt Grotto Home Page
The Maverick Bull Online (Ft Worth Maverick grotto)
The Blue Grass Grotto KY Caving Club
The Northern New Jersey Grotto
Battlefield Troglodyte Society
GSS - Georgia Speleological Society
Potomac Speleological Club
Texas Cave Management Group
University of Texas Grotto
MSM Spelunkers Club
Pittsburgh Grotto
Northern Colorado Grotto
Syracuse University Outing Club Caving Page
Central Alabama Grotto
Lake Missoula Grotto
H R cubed home page
Permian Basin Speleological Society
Lost Mountain Cavers Home Page
Little Egypt Grotto
Near Normal Grotto
The Metropolitan Grotto
Upper Cumberland Grotto
Monongahela Grotto
4th Corner Grotto WA
West Tennessee Grotto
Missouri Speleological Survey
Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy
Texas Speleological Survey
The Gem State Grotto
The Sandia Grotto Page
Personali Cave Home pages of various people
Tim Kilby's caving page
Paul Aughey's Caving Page
Cave Man Home Page
Peter Febbroriello Cave Microbiology
Wayne's Home Cave
Gary Petrie's Page - includes some cave software
Charles Danforth's CavingPage
Robert's Caving Page
Aaron Birenboims' Page
John Buchanan Pages
Rodger Ling's caving page
Thomas Handler - Flatsprings, Florida
Eric Lechner - Walk through tour of the Ohio caverns
Wisconsin Hoofers Caving Page
Don Lance's Caving Page
Beej's Lava Caves Page
Steve Taylor's Cave Page
Harry Marinakis - includes some stuff on Lava Caves
Floyd Collins Page
Cavedog's Caving Page
Bretts Home Page
Jason Richards includes Colorado Cave Diving Page
Altri Cave Dwellers
Underwater Caves of the Yucatan
Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Caves of Virginia
Cave Diving in Iceland by New Jersey SCUBA Diving
The Virtual Cave Project
The Longest and Deepest
Caves of Washington State
Missouri Springs Virtual Resurgence
Southeast Alaska Paleontology
Commerciali USA commercial caves directory
Underground tech's caving page
Meramec Caverns
Karst Sports
Goodearth Virtual Cave
Goodearth Show Cave Directory
Jewel Cave CD-ROM Publisher - Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks
Cave Of The Winds
Chris Brown Cave Diving Videos
Maui Lava Cave
Guadalupe Mountain Outfitters
Emily Davis Mobley's Speleobooks, cave & bat related books

Altre Americhe

Brasile IBAMA
Grupo Bambui de Pesquisas Espeleologicas
PETAR Caves, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Canada Central list of links to Canadian caving web sites
Alberta Speleological Society
Toronto Caving Group
Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group
Canadian Underworld Tours and Adventures
The UNBC Caving Club Pages
British Columbia Speleological Society
The On Station surveying software page
"Canadian Caver" Magazine Home Page
Regroupement des Speleologues de la Haute-Gatineau
Costa Rica Spelunking Costa Rica Style
Jamaica Jamaica Caves Page - Alan Fincham
Mexico Asociacion de Excursionismo del Intituto Politecnico Nacional
SMES - Sociedad Mexicana de Exploraciones Subterraneas
Chupacabras home page or English Version

Africa e Asia

Giappone Fenglin Cave Project of Japan
GOTO Satoshi - Japan Speleo Infomation
Whole Earth Club, Japan Speleo page or English version
Laos 1996 Lao PDR Cave Project
Sud Africa South African Spelaeological Association - Cape Section
South African Spelaeological Association - Transvaal Section
Tailandia Thai Caves Bibliography Max Moseley


Australia Australian Speleology
Australasian Cave & Karst Management Association
Australian Speleological Federation
International Union of Speleology
Cave Clan Drain Page
University of New England Mountaineering Club
National University Caving Club
Macquarie University Caving Group (MUCG)
Melbourne University Climbing Club's Caving Page
University of Technology, Sydney Speleological Society - UTS3
Sydney University Speleological Society
Cave Divers Association of Australia
Description Of Tasmania
Western Australia Speleological Group
Sydney Speleological Society
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
Hills Speleology Club
Victorian Speleology
Victorian Speleological Association
Sherry Mayo's Cave Page Lots Of Good Stuff here
Cave Photo Page
Jon Allison's Home Page
John Dare Home Page
Greg Ryan Home Page
Cliff Spackman Page - Jewel Cave Discovery
Andrew Coopers Speleology Page
Dive Adventures
Spelean - Aussie Gear retailers/wholesalers
CSE'S Great Outdoors Centre - commercial site in Canberra
Nuova Zelanda New Zealand Speleological Society
Manawatu Speleological Group
Waitomo tourist cave

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