ABSTRACT del bollettino n° 50

L'anidride carbonica in alcune grotte del Madagascar     di Gilberto Calandri              

   The paper describes the microclimatic data ( temperature and carbon dioxide level ) measured in JulY - August 1998 in six caves of Madagascar ( massif Bemaraha and Ankarana ). The caves are developed in the Middle - Jurassic  limestones.

   Due to the easy excanges with outside and the little vegetable cover to the CO2 level in the caves was about 250 - 650 ppm. in only some wall pockets the CO2 changes from 1900 to 3500 parts per million: to emphasise the important role of the remote place microclime.


La grotta della legna di Rocca Pennina     di Gilberto Calandri e Alessandro Pastorelli  

   On Décrit les caractères topographiques et geomorphologiques de la Grotta della Legna n. 369 Li/IM ( ou Gr. Attilio ) ( developpement 81 m ), creusée, sur le versant septentrional de la Rocca Pennina ( Alpes Ligures ) dans les calcaires du Malm.

   La cavité est une conduite phréatique fossile, concretionnée.


Conclusa l'esplorazione del pozzo C 10   di Gilberto Calandri             

   The Pozzo C10 ( 2340 m a.s.l. ) is a big pit filled by iced snow in the Ligurian Brianzonese limestones ( Malm and Dogger 9 with a 100 m thick dynamic glacier. The explorations of Pozzo C10 took cavers -150 m deep.

   An exsact outside plotting allowed the Pozzo C10 to be located as against the C1 - Regioso system  total lenght 6,5 Km, depht -304 m).


Attivita' 1998 sulle Alpi Liguri    di Gilberto Calandri              

  Compte rendu des principales activités exploratives dans la chaine calcaire Mongioie - Marguareis et dans l'haute vallée du Tanaro ( Alpes Ligures ). On a effectuée una double jonction ( à -477 m ) entre l'Abime Omega 3 ( C. Saline) et le Reseau de Piaggiabella ( 13éme entrée).

   L'exploration du Puit C10 ( M. Rotondo ) a été stoppée à -150 m ( une fracture dans les dolomies empeche la jonction avec le Complesso C1 - Regioso ).

   On a porsuivi les deblajages et les explorations ( -49 m ) du Puit Lewinsky ( R. du Pis dell'Ellero ).


Il Fontanon di Timau - caratteri idrochimici   di Gilberto Calandri              

  The Fontanon di Timau ( Canale di S. Pietro UD )is are of the biggest karstik spring of the east Alps ( flow between 1000 and 10000 l/s ) that drains the carbonatic area ( Devonian limestones ) of the zona Creta di Timau - Pal Grande - Pal Piccolo ( hydrogeological potential about 1000 m ).

  The chemical - physical analysis show the costancy of chemical - pysical characters distintly carbonate - calcic, whith very modest presence of secondary components.

  The comparaison with high altitude springs of the Carnic Alps, with chemical characters very homogeneous, points out the priority of the lithochemical function and the fragmentary vegetable cover on the karst evolution.


Streghe e Grotte: la toponomastica nell'estremo Ponente Ligure   di Gilberto Calandri                  

   The witches greatly influenced the popular imagination of karst areas of the Imperiese, expecially those poor in hallows.

   he different denomination of the witches are analyzed and their respective areas are definited. The hollows showed in the last ten years as home of evil spirits are more than fifthy.