Giovedý Bridge (Bridge Thursday)
VirtualClub 2,01

Free Bridge online

In order to participate it is necessary to be in four players and to ask a table (virtual) from Giovedý Bridge VirtualClub , Our Club on WEB. To play is easy and free:
  1. Set a date with others three players: to establish the timetable for link with Internet and playing.
  2. Only one player completes the module, indicating a name and an email for everyone of the four players of the table.
  3. The system will immediately send one email to everyone of the four players containing the personal URL for get the table assigned in the VirtualClub.
  4. The cards already are distributed: all it is ready to begin the game with Your bid.
  5. During the game will be always available a message system, in order to communicate with the other players .
  1. Supplied addresses email are used from the system in order to send the qualification to the single players. The players are identified only with the supplied name.
  2. Every player in turn bids or plays one card. To interrupt the play prevents to the other players to continue...
  3. If the game is suspended more than 15 minutes the TABLE he will not be more available
  4. One bid made or a card played is not modifiable: to think before!
  5. This version demands MSIE 4 or superior. It does not work with Netscape.

MODULE for to ask a TABLE from Giovedý Bridge VirtualClub :

  Address email
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