SPT 96

Workshop -- Torino 15-20/12/1996

Proceedings edited by D. Bambusi and G. Gaeta
Published by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
as "Quaderno GNFM-CNR n.54", Roma 1998

  • F. Avanzini and D. Bambusi, "Stability properties in hamiltonian perturbations of resonant PDE's with symmetry: the case of NLS"
  • A. Carati, "A lagrangian formulation for the Abraham-Lorentz-Dirac equation"
  • G. Cicogna, "On the convergence of Poincare'-Birkhoff normalizing transfomation in the presence of symmetries"
  • A. Delshams and R. Ramirez-Ros, "Homoclinic orbits of twist maps and billiards"
  • A. Doliwa and P. Santini, "Quadrilateral and circular lattices are integrable"
  • G. Gaeta, "Renormalization of Poincare' normal forms"
  • M. Giordano, G. Marmo and A. Simoni, "Dynamical systems and back-ground structures"
  • T. Kappeler and M. Makarov, "On the symplectic foliation induced by the second Poisson bracket for KdV"
  • M. Mazzocco, "A brief survey on the algebraic solutions of a particular case of the Painleve' VI equation"
  • V.M. Rothos and T. Bountis, "Persistence of homoclinic orbits in a discretized NLS equation with hamiltonian perturbation"
  • S. Ruffo, "The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou numerical experiment: time-scales for the relaxation to thermodynamical equilibrium"
  • G. Sartori and G. Valente, "Determination of the orbit space of non-coregular compact linear groups with one relation among the basic polynomial invariants in the P-matrix approach"
  • F. Verhulst, "Symmetry and integrability in hamiltonian normal form"

  • The following partecipants delivered a talk but did not submit a contribution for the proceedings:
    A. Degasperis, L.A. Ibort, S. Manakov, A. Neishtadt, N.N. Nekhoroshev, G. Tondo, and R. Yamilov.