SPT 98

International workshop -- Roma 16-22/12/1998

Proceedings edited by A. Degasperis and G. Gaeta
Published by World Scientific, Singapore 1999
ISBN 981-02-4166-6

Tutorial papers:

  • G. Cicogna and G. Gaeta, "Nonlinear symmetries and normal forms"
  • A. Degasperis and M. Procesi, "Asymptotic integrability"
  • G. Derks, "Families of relative equilibria in hamiltonian systems"
  • G. Gentile, "Diagrammatic techniques in perturbation t heory, and applications"
  • F. Verhulst, "On averaging methods for partial differential equations"
  • S. Walcher, "Orbital symmetries of first order ODEs"

    Regular papers:

  • S. Abenda and Y. Fedorov, "The geometrical description of hyperelliptically separable systems"
  • D. Bambusi, "Behavious of smoorh solutions of hamiltonian PDE's close to non-resonant equilibrium points"
  • P. Bonckaert, "Smooth seminormal forms of symmetric and reversible systems"
  • P. Chossat, "Perturbation of robust heteroclinic cycles bifurcationg in the spherical Benard problem"
  • G. Cicogna, "Convergent normal forms, bifurcations and symmetries"
  • M.C. Ciocci and A. Vanderbauwhede, "On the bifurcations and stability of periodic orbits in reversible and symplectic diffeomorphisms"
  • A. Doliwa and P.M. Santini "Planarity and integrability"
  • G. Gaeta, "On Poincare' renormalized forms"
  • T. Gramchev, "Simultaneous normal forms of perturbations of vector fields on tori with zero order pseudodifferential operators"
  • T. Kappeler, "Action-angle variables for KdV and applications"
  • J. Katriel, "Commutativity of supersymmetry with the isospectral transformations generated by the KdV hierarchy"
  • G. Lunter, "Computing normalizing transformations for hamiltonian systems in resonance"
  • T. Mel'nyk, "Perturbation of the spectrum of boundary-valkue problems in periodic thick multi-structures of type 3:2:1"
  • J. Montaldi, "Perturbing a symmetric resonance: the magnetic spherical pendulum"
  • B. Pelloni, "The Fokas transform method for the solution of initial boundary value problems for integrable evolution PDE's"
  • G. Sartori, "Orbit spaces of adjoint representations of compact simple Lie groups and Weyl groups"
  • L. Sbano, "Symmetry reductions and periodic orbits in the planar 3-body problem"
  • M.E. Sousa Dias, "Relative equilibria in linear elasticity"
  • V. Talamini, "Orbit spaces in superconductivity"
  • S. Walcher, "Reduction and invariant sets of vector fields admitting orbital symmetries"
  • M. Yoshino, "Simultaneous normal forms of commuting maps and vector fields"

    Contributed papers:

  • P. Pronin and K. Stepenyantz, "Anomalies and exact results in supersymmetric theories"
  • A. Sergyeyev, "On time-dependent symmetries and formal symmetries of evolution equations"
  • N.A. Sidorov and V.R. Abdullin, "Interlaced branching equations and invariance in the theory of nonlinear equations"

    The following partecipants delivered a talk but did not submit a contribution for the proceedings:
    F. Fasso', A. Mikhailov, N.N. Nekhoroshev, and V. Zakharov.