SPT 2001

Symmetry and Perturbation Theory

Cala Gonone, Sardinia, 6 -- 13 May 2001

The conference is supported by the Dipartimento di Matematica dell'Università di Milano (Italy)

SPT2001  Pre-registered partecipants

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Name Tentative title (*) papers available via
Simonetta Abenda [web]
Università di Bologna (I)
Geometry and dynamics of algebraically integrable systems with deficiency: the case of hyperelliptically separable systems personal page
Faridon Amdjadi  [web]
Glasgow Caledonian (GB)
Symmetry breaking Hopf bifurcations in problems with O(2) symmetry
Dario Bambusi [web]
Università di Milano (I)
Some normal form methods in quantum mechanics mp_arc and personal page
Genrich Belitskii
Ben Gurion, Negev (ISR)
Local normal forms of C-infinity vector fields
Massimiliano Berti  [web]
SISSA, Trieste (I)
A functional analysis approach to Arnold Diffusion personal page
Luca Biasco
SISSA, Trieste (I)
Maria Santos Bruzòn
University of Cadiz (E)
On symmetries for a Boussinesq equation with nonlinear dispersion click here
José Fernando Carinhena
University of Zaragoza (E)
A geometric approach to Lie systems click here
Giampaolo Cicogna
Università di Pisa (I)
NCE mp_arc
Monica Conti
Politecnico di Milano (I)
Oscillating solutions to fourth order superlinear differential equations
Stella Maria Costa Abreu
Universidade Portucalense (P)
Reduction of Phase Space in Symmetric Vector Fields 
Ana Paula Da Silva Dias [web]
Universidade do Porto (P)
Heteroclinic cycles and wreath product symmetries
Manuela A. David de Aguiar
Universidade do Porto (P)
Antonio Degasperis
Università di Roma (I)
Quantization of classically equivalent harmonic oscillators
Gianne Derks  [web]
University of Surrey (GB)
TBA personal page
Florin Diacu  [web]
University of Victoria (CAN)
Periodic orbits of the classical atom
Giuseppe Gaeta [web]
Università di Roma (I)
NCE mp_arc
Maria Luz Gandarias
Universidad de Cadiz (E)
Symmetry analysis and reductions of the Schwarz-KdV equation in 2+1 dimensions click here
Claudio Giberti
Università dell'Insubria (I)
Tori breakdown in Coupled Map Lattices
Benoit Grebert
Université de Nantes (F)
Perturbations of NLS equation mp_arc
Yuri Gufan
Rostov State Univ. (RUS)
Discrepancies between the concepts of structural stability in mathematics and phase transitions theory
Faruk Gungor  [web]
Istanbul Technical Un. (TR)
Symmetries and invariant solutions of the two dimensional Burgers equation with variable coefficients
Marc Joyeux
Université Fourier (F)
Recent advances in canonical perturbation theory, with application to chemical reactions and nonadiabatic dynamics (see D. Sugny) click here
Alexander Kopanskii
Acad. Sci. of Moldova (MOL)
Sternberg-Chen Theorem for Equivariant Hamiltonian Vector Fields mp_arc
Hans-Peter Kruse
TU Muenchen (D)
A two-dimensional version of the Camassa-Holm equation
Jeroen Lamb  [web]
Imperial College (GB)
Normal form theory of linear reversible equivariant systems personal page
Frederic Laurent-Polz [web] INLN Nice (F) Point vortices on the sphere personal page
Juan Tomas Lazaro Ochoa [web]
U. Polit. de Catalunya (E)
Pseudo-normal forms and their applications  personal page
Giuseppe Marmo
Università di Napoli (I)
Alternative descriptions of quantum systems
Mohammad Reza Molaei
University of Kerman (IRAN)
Bifurcation Points Created By A Class of One-Parameter Families of Maps
James Montaldi  [web]
Université de Nice (F)
Group theoretic criteria for robust homoclinic connections personal page
Paola Morando
Politecnico di Torino (I)
M. Concepcion Muriel
Universidad de Cadiz (E)
Ordinary differential equations and non-solvable symmetry algebras click here
Nikolai Nekhoroshev
Moscow State Univ. (RUS)
Generalizations of Gordon's theorem
Peter Olver  [web]
University of Minnesota (USA)
Moving frames personal page
Juan-Pablo Ortega [web]
EPFL, Lausanne (CH)
Critical point theory and Hamiltonian dynamics around critical elements math.DG (xxx)
click here
Jesùs Palacian [web]
Universidad de Navarra (E)
NCE click here
Simone Paleari
Università di Milano (I)
Periodic solutions for resonant nonlinear PDEs mp_arc
Michela Procesi
Università di Roma (I)
Tudor Ratiu  [web]
EPFL, Lausanne (CH)
TBA math.DG (xxx)
click here
Bob Rink
Utrecht University (NL)
Symmetry and resonance in periodic FPU chains
Mark Roberts  [web]
University of Warwick (GB)
Bifurcations of Hamiltonian relative equilibria MASIE page
Vladimir Rosenhaus
California State, Chico (USA)
One-dimensional infinite symmetries, boundary conditions and local conservation laws
Andrea Sacchetti
Università di Modena (I)
Dmitrii Sadovskii [web]
Université du Littoral (F)
Normal forms, geometry, and dynamics 
of atomic and molecular systems with symmetry
Jan Sanders
Vrie Univ., Amsterdam (NL)
Integrable systems and Riemannian manifolds with constant curvature personal page (ftp)
Gianfranco Sartori
Università di Padova (I)
NCE hep-th
Ivan Sergienko
Rostov State Univ. (RUS)
Parent phase as a zero appoximation in phase transition theory
M. Esmeralda Sousa Dias [web]
IST, Lisbon (P)
Pseudo-rigid bodies
Valeriy Stogniy
Kyiv Politechnic Institute (UKR)
Lie and  Non-Lie Symmetry and  Some Exact Solutions of the Self-dual Equations 
Dominique Sugny [web]
CNRS Grenoble (F)
Recent advances in canonical perturbation theory, with application to chemical reactions and nonadiabatic dynamics (see M. Joyeux) click here
Massimo Tarallo
Università di Milano (I)
Gabriella Tarantello
Università Roma II (I)
Vortex Condensates for the Electroweak Theory 
Vladimir Ten
Lomonosov University (RUS)
Symmetry Fields and First Integrals of Quasihomogeneous Dynamical Systems
Susanna Terracini
Politecnico di Milano (I)
Nehari problem in two dimensions and competing species systems
Theo  Tuwankotta [web]
Universiteit Utrecht (NL)
An Extreme Type of Higher Order Resonance in Hamiltonian Systems personal page
Vladimir Tyuterev
Université de Reims (F)
Perturbation theory and effective Hamiltonians in Molecular Spectroscopy click here
Gianpaolo Valente
Università di Padova (I)
Possible ground states of D-wave condensate in isotropic space through geometric invariant theory cond-mat/0009080 and 
0008037; hep-th/0008024
André Vanderbauwhede
University of Gent (B)
V. Veerakumar
Bharthidasan University (IN)
Reductive perturbation theory and electromagnetic solitons in a ferromagnetic medium click here
Ferdinand Verhulst
University of Utrecht (NL)
Bifurcations and limit sets in autoparametric systems
Sebastian Walcher
TU Munich (D)
J.P. Wang  [web]
VU Amsterdam (NL)
Classification of integrable systems with number theoretic methods personal page
Claudia Wulff  [web]
Freie Universiteit Berlin (D)
Stability of hamiltonian relative equilibria group page
Patricia Yanguas [web]
Universidad de Navarra (E)
Computing invariant manifolds of perturbed dynamical systems click here
Kensuke Yoshida
Università di Roma (I)
Supersymmetry and a non perturbative approach to Quantum Gauge Field Theory hep-th
Jean-Baptiste Yvernault
Università di Milano (I)
Joshua Zak
Technion, Haifa (ISR)
Topologically unavoidable degeneracy in band structure of solids
Boris Zhilinskii [web]
Université du Littoral (F)
Qualitative features of intramolecular dynamics. What can be learned from symmetry and topology Symmetry, invariants, topology. Physics Reports 341 (2001)

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TBA =   to be announced

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