SPT 2001

Symmetry and Perturbation Theory

Cala Gonone, Sardinia, 6 -- 13 May 2001

As in the previous SPT venues, we will have a number of tutorial papers specially written for this occasion. They will be included in the proceedings' volume, but preliminary (nearly-final) versions will be available to partecipants prior to the conference. These, and tutorial papers written for previous SPT venues, will be available through this page as they are ready.


SPT2001  Tutorial papers

D. Bambusi and 
N.N. Nekhoroshev 
Long time stability for PDEs PostScript
G. Belitskii  Local normal forms of C-infinity vector fields PostScript
J.F. Carinena and A. Ramos A new geometric approach to Lie systems and physical applications PostScript
P. Chossat  Orbit space methods in bifurcation theory  PDF
G. Cicogna and S. Walcher  Symmetry and normal forms PostScript
G. Gaeta  Poincaré normal and renormalized forms PostScript
G. Landi  Non-commutative geometry (an elementary introduction) PostScript
G. Marmo Alternative descriptions of quantum systems PostScript
G. Sartori Orbit spaces of algebraic reductive groups as phase spaces generated by spontaneous symmetry and/or supersymmetry breaking PostScript
E. Sousa Dias Pseudo-rigid bodies: A geometric Lagrangian approach PostScript
F. Verhulst Parametric and autoparametric resonance PostScript
P. Winternitz Super-integrable systems and separation of variables  (not available yet) PostScript
F. Faure and B. Zhilinskii Qualitative features of intra-molecular dynamics. What can be learned from symmetry and topology PostScript

Papers already posted here should be considered as preliminary versions. Any comment welcome!

Some of the participants have recent review papers, probably of interest to other partecipants, available over the web; for this, see the links provided by our participants page.


Tutorials from SPT98

G. Cicogna and G. Gaeta Nonlinear symmetries and normal forms PS  GZPS TeX
A. Degasperis and M. Procesi Asymptotic integrability PS  GZPS TeX
G. Derks Families of relative equilibria in hamiltonian systems PS  GZPS
G. Gentile Diagrammatic techniques in perturbation theory, and applications PS  GZPS TeX
F. Verhulst On averaging methods for partial differential equations PS  GZPS TeX
S. Walcher Orbit symmetries of first order ODEs PS  GZPS TeX


Papers from SPT96

G. Cicogna On the convergence of Poincaré-Birkhoff normalizing transformations in the presence of symmetry PostScript
M. Giordano, G. Marmo and A. Simoni Dynamical systems and background structures PostScript
T. Kappeler and M. Makarov On the symplectic foliation induced by the second Poisson bracket for KdV PostScript
G. Sartori and G. Valente Determination of the orbit spaces of non-coregular compact linear groups with one relation among the basic polinomial invariants in the P-matrix approach PostScript
F. Verhulst Symmetry and integrability in hamiltonian normal form PostScript

Giuseppe Gaeta

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