Ismahel (Massimo Taccon) was born in Rome on 19 May 1967. He finishes studies tecnico_commerciali and only a part of legal studies, because by now his demand of search and experimentation were bringing him toward other destinations.

He face themes in appearance among inside them but reality very near, like the yoga and the poetry, the feeding and then the search artistic and philosophical . These are the years of best maturation and introspection that will mark forever his soul and will address him fatally toward an approach to the reality of type more "intuitivo_-sperimentale" than "teorico-nozionistico". These are years of social appointment and of teaching too. Publics, in two different moments (1990-1998), a harvest of lyrics and a book of his "inside investigations" from the title "Message from the Lucy" edit by Bookstore Croce Editions. The thread conductor of his life seems however be use of the intuition and of the creativeness more than the respect of the rigidity of the forms.

." …my works are collected messages from the soul and transferred in image to represent an inside world. I pick up feelings and intuitions to reverse them to the exterior, trying to launch a call in this world, what I expect is a definitive inside awakening of whom picks up the call."


1998 Zelig Art - Caffè  Roma
Aula Consiliare Cerveteri
1999 Libreria Croce Roma
2000 Galleria L'Occhio in arte Roma
Galleria Forum Interart Roma
Castello di San Giorgio Maccarese



1998 Spazio Baia Verde
Studio D'Arceto Accademia senza frontiere Roma
1999 II Biennale Internazionale di Firenze Fortezza da Basso
Galleria L'Occhio in Arte "III Biennale di Roma
Galleria L'Occhio in Arte "In anno domini  2000" Roma
Francoforte "Compresse contro la depressione" Germania
Telethon BNL
2000 Galleria Forum Interart "Targa Colosseum" Roma
Galleria Forum Interart "Selezione premio world" Roma
Chiesa di S. Ignazio "In anno domini 2000" Roma
Galleria Forum Interart "Arte concettuale" Roma
Barcellona Spagna
Galleria Forum Interart "Premio World" Roma
III biennale internazionale di Roma
Aprilart Pistoia
Barcellona "Premio internazionale" Spagna
Galleria L'Occhio in arte "Polvere di stelle"
Galleria Forum Interart "Arte Sacra" Roma
Progetto I Superficiali Forum Interart Roma
Progetto I Superficiali Galleria Superficiale