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Aborym (Haborym Sadek Aym): duke commanding 26 legions in Hell. A Deamon with three heads (man, cat and snake) riding a serpent with a gleaming torch in his hand. Another form to express the glory of Satan. Aborym, Satan, the Adversary... one of the first Black Metal bands in Italy, spawned in 1991 to follow the musical left hand path of glorious acts such as Sarcofago, Hellhammer, Dark Throne, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Mayhem , Destruction, Deicide, Thorns... In 1993 the first and unique 5-tks demo-tape "Worshipping Damned Souls" was released and sold about 600 copies worldwide. After one year the band splitted up due to attitude problems and the founder member Malfeitor Fabban joined the Black cult band Funeral Oration: with them he recorded the debut album "Sursum Luna" (1996, Avantgarde Music - Italy) and in a parallel way he played bass guitar and synth with M.E.M.O.R.Y Lab (RIP, a strange mix between industrial, electro music and metal) and with the italian dark masters Deviate Ladies in the albums "Religious as our Methods" (1998, Metal Horse Prod - Italy) and in the forthcoming new one out soon on Avantgarde Music. In 1997 the reunion of Aborym, born from the alchemic union of Malfeitor Fàbban and Sethlans LarvaShaytan. The daimon Aborym is once again summoned by these two misanthropic wizards, which start to compose and arrange new and old songs for the debut album. Yorga S.M becomes the new vocalist of the band and with this new three-piece line-up Aborym entered the studios in order to release a promotional rebirth-stuff on CD called "Antichristian Nuclear Sabbath". This promo was send around the planet in order to get a deal and after a couple of mounths Aborym signed for Scarlet Records (Italy) for two albums. The style of the reincrnated satanic desaster is a violent and catchy mixing between Black Metal, esoteric music, techno-noisy-stuff. The band come in contact with Attila Csihar (Tomentor, MayheM, Plasma Pool) which appreciate their music and decide to join Aborym for the recording session of the first album called "Kali Yuga Bizarre", which was released in March 1999. The album is a masterpiece of extreme and elitistic satanik music, out of trends and silly clichés. During the recording session another guitarrist is added to the line-up: the demon is Nisrok S. Sathanas, leader of the Black Metal band Satanikkk Terrorists. For personal problems within the band Yorga S.M. is replaced by Attila Csihar which become the official and only lead shaman vocalist in Aborym. In January 2000 a Picture disc version of "Kali Yuga Bizarre" is released by Scarlet Records in limited edition and with a bonus track. Actually the whole Aborym line-up (Malfeitor Fàbban, Sethlans LarvaShaytan, Nisrok S.S. and Attila Csihar) together with Christian Ice (guru and master of Temple of Noise studios in Rome) and D. Belvedere (ex-drummer of Aborym in 1992) is working to the new Plasma Pool album, to be released somewhen in 2000.
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L/R: Malfeitor Fabban, Attila Csihar, Sethlans Larvashaytan, Nisrok SS
Malfeitor Fàbban Malfeitor Fàbban
Sethlans Sethlans
Nysrok Nysrok S. Sathanas
Attila Attila Csihar Dracula