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Unless otherwise stated, this software is for RISC OS systems only. It is provided as is without any warranty of any kind. All software in these pages has been tested under ROS4.


I have written several articles and software since 1986. Find here what they are and what the real press wrote about them.


GTAC stands for Graphic Text Adventure Creator. It is a new system that allows you to create a complete playable adventure game without loosing the friendliness of the Acorn Desktop.

What the press says about GTAC...

GTAC features:

GTAC adventures multitask in the RISC OS desktop.

GTAC has just been updated to RISC OS 4. A shareware version is available for download directly from here:

The registered version has improved debugging facilities to step into your adventure and monitor its variables and flags. The registered version also allows you to lock a GTAC adventure and prevent other GTAC users to edit it.

Click here to access GTAC online user Guide

hermes Hermes The Gods' Messenger

This is the PD version of my first commercial adventure game. It was originally published by Arch Angel Software.

Here you can download (78K) the PD version updated to ROS 4. Please send an email for information on how to acquire the full version.

far west Far West

Far West is a GTAC adventure written by my brother Federico Gallo. It is set in the old west and you have to rob a bank!

Download (88K)

game36 Game 36 (5K) or PC Version (33K + you need VBRUN300.DLL)
This is a desktop puzzle game with some very small Artificial Intelligence

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