1 - Introduction

Adventure games have been played on computers for many years and are one of the most popular of all types of computer games. Usually the player is presented a text description of the place where he is staying at the moment, often complemented by a picture. Then the user has to decide what to do and has to type it in on the computer keyboard. The biggest limit of these parser-based adventures (parser is the program inside the adventure that interprets and tries to understand what has been typed) is that the user must hope to have used the right verb or noun, and not the wrong synonym: if he does not second-guess the game-writer (or whoever wrote the adventure), he will never solve the adventure.

GTAC adventures are different. Every action the user can perform is there on the screen, ready to be selected with just a mouse click! Of course some actions will not be always available, perhaps the user will need to be carrying some objects with him. For example a locked door cannot be opened if the user does not have the right key. Thus the "Unlock door" action will be displayed only when the user can really unlock it.

Moreover, GTAC adventures multi-task in the RISC OS Desktop.

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