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Amii Stewart is one of the few singers who consolidated world fame with a string of successes that left a definite mark on the story of dance music from the mid seventies and is still doing so today.

Amii, an Aquarian born in Washington D.C. started her career in the world of theatre and dance by enrolling in 'Workshops For Careers In The Arts', the first arts school of it's genere in the nations capitol. Through the 'Wokshops' she performed in many productions including the Emmy Award winning special 'Genesis Juba and Other Jewels'.

Joining the Tony Award winning musical 'Bubbling Brown Sugar', first in Miami then on Broadway and finally London where Amii was recongized not only as a singer/dancer but also for her ability as assistant director/cheoreographer and actress.

Her first record was called 'You Really Touch My Heart'. But her official entrance into the world of music; the golden age of 'disco' was at the end of 1977 with 'Knock On Wood'. Selling more than 8 million copies it is still recognized as one the most original and exticing songs to come out of the disco era. The album, equally successful was followed by 'Paradise Bird' where she started to use more influxes of 'Pop'.

This followed the album 'I'm Gonna Get Your Love', a total transition for Amii, partly produced by Narada Michael Walden.

In 1983 Amii was the special guest of the 'San Remo Song Festival' with 'Working Late Tonight' which marked her collaboration and passion for Italy.

The collaboration continued with the hit single 'Grazie Perché', a duet with Gianni Morandi. Then came the no.1 hit single 'Friends' by Mike Francis. 'Friends' also hit the U.K. charts. Immediately after they recorded the duet 'Together' and the album 'Try Love'.

This was without a doubt the perfect moment to publish the album 'The Best of Amii Stewart 1977-1985'.

In 1986 Amii chose a new direction in her music career. Collaborating with Georgio Moroder in L.A. and the Bolland brothers in Amsterdam the album 'Time Is Tight' was realized.

Having reached a certain artistic maturity Amii came to the attention of Ennio Morricone and was chosen to sing the title song for the t.v. film 'Secrets of the Sahara'. The soundtrack was a major success and marked their long standing collaboration and friendship. 'Pearls: Amii Sings Ennio Morricone' where she co-wrote the lyrics of 8 songs was released in 1987 with critical acclaim.

In 1992 Amii decided to become an executive producer. The album 'Magic' re-afirmed her considerable vocal qualities.

In 1993 she was one of the 12 artists chosen from all over the world to be invited to perform for the very first time in the Vatican City for the Pope. 'The Vatican Christmas Concert' was seen world-wide. So moving was her performance that she was the only artist to be asked back in 1994.

With the album 'Lady to Ladies' in 1993 Amii gave tribute to the female singers that influenced her artistically through the years. The album was recorded with a full symphonic orchestra and went gold within weeks of it's release in Italy. That same year Amii and Dee Dee Bridgewater created delirium and a standing ovation on the stage of the 'San Remo Song Festival' when they re-interpretd the Annie Lennox masterpiece 'Why'.

Eight months later 'The Men I Love' was released with the same success.

In 1995 Amii returned to the 'San Remo Festival' as special guest with Gilbert Becaud and Randy Crawford. Together they sang 'September Morn'. Another standing ovation was the outcome.

1995 marked the year Amii began co-hosting on italian television. Her debut was 'The Youth Conference' sponsored by the Vatican City and televised by R.A.I. television. This followed 'Ray Charles at Portofino'.

'Love Affair', her most recent album recorded in 1996 in London features a sultry Amii produced by Ken Brian Foreman. Amii still stands the test of time.

1997 finds Amii singing weekly on the prime-time Saturday night variety show of R.A.I. 1 called 'Fantastico', considering film scripts and looking forward to recording a new album ready for release in 1998.

2000 - Co-star in the critically aclaimed Italian tour of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' in the roll of Mary Maddeline'