Alfred Bernhard Nobel (Stockholm 1833 - SanRemo 1896), Swedish chemist, studied in Stockhom and in St.Petersburg. He introduced nitroglycerin as an explosive, in 1867 he patented dynamite and in 1876 a stronger explosive, explosive gelatine.

A.B. Nobel became rich using oil-wells. In his will he decreed that his wealth should be used to award some people distinguished for Peace, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Medicine and Literature. This prize, called "The Nobel prize", is one of the most important in the world and since 1969 there has been a new prize for Economic Sciences.



The statutes of the Nobel foundation were promulgated in 1900. They rule the activities of the foundation and of the associations that collaborate, among which there are some institutions giving prizes.

The candidates are selected by five groups composed of three or five people. There are also four institutions for doing necessary examinations. The candidatures to the prizes are chosen by five groups that also consult the winners of previous prizes.

The prizes are delivered in Stockholm and in Oslo every year on the 10th of December, the anniversary of Nobel's death.

Andrea Tartaglia


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