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  Art and Culture:

Antonio del Pollaiolo: San Sebastiano Martyrdom; Alfred B. Nobel: Nobel Prize; Francisco J. Goya: life, works and criticism; Hegel: introduction.

  City of Catania:

Municipality; Province; University; population; Public Transport, Airport, Cinemas; Theatres; Photo Gallery; Underground; Tourism; information; Football in Catania; Restaurants, taverns, pubs; Hotels;  links about the city.

  Cinemas and Theatres of Catania:

Best Cinemas and Theatres of Catania.

  Music and Mp3:

A detailed list of links for Mp3 and audio files; Napster.


A very detailed list of official sites about sports associations, football teams, sports vip.

  Webmaster - Sampei - Andrew:

Everything about Sampei (Andrew, the webmaster of this site) with the photo gallery.


A funny section with jokes.