the PSYCHO VRML Museum!

You aren't dreaming, now you can explore this home page as a 3D WORLD thanks to the astonishing VRML!

To surf this site you need a VRML Browser. Windows Users can use Cosmo Player (it comes with Netscape) or the MS Internet Explorer Plugin VRML plugin

If you want to learn a little more about VRML or you want infos about non-windows browsers, take a look at the VRML Repository.

Installed your browser?

You are ready to explore the Psycho VRML world , version 0.8b

At the moment there's only a sort of Museum with links to the standard pages; As soon as better VRML world builders come to the market, I'll try to update this little (for now) world, to make it better.

Comments and Suggestions to andreab@tin.it