Comments about the Sautscheck's manuscript

These are some of the comments sent to Roman Turovsky about the Sautscheck's manuscript:

"Sono piuttosto belli i pezzi, e sono indistinguibili da quelli d'epoca, il che non e' poco." Francesco Tribioli, ITALIA

"I am very happy with your discovery." Jiri Arnet, BOEMIA

"...Amen, these pieces are exactly what I feel..." Rudolf Merinsky, BOEMIA

"They are beautiful to play, but fairly sad" Marcus Lutz, GERMANIA

"...It [TOMBEAU-JPS] is a meditative and inspired composition..." Eduard Agullo', SPAGNA

"Che bello [il Tombeau]!" Ilaria Villa, ITALIA

"This Ms really is a goldmine!" Jean-Francois Christoflour, FRANCIA

"Corrente ET CEPERUNT is beautiful!" Christian Farine, FRANCIA

"Very interesting tabulature!" Andrea Schiavo, ITALIA

''...interesting tabulature..." Jan Grueter, GERMANIA

"...beautiful music..." Peter Croton, SVIZZERA

"Very nice stuff, but where does it come from?..." Phil Rukavina, USA

"...tasty stuff, I must say..." Joseph Mayes, USA

"I am anxious to dig into this..." Steve Barrie, USA

"I am very attracted to this music." Terrel Stone, ITALIA

"Nice job indeed..." Oleg Timofeyev, USA

"Enjoyed the piece enormously!" Clive Titmuss, CANADA

"...Ossian of its time..." Pat O'Brien, USA

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