Johann Joachim Sautscheck's life and work: the music, the mystery.

Some time ago, a piece by J.J.Sautscheck was sent to me by Roman Turovsky. It's source is a manuscript that was found in Ukraina, now in his possession.Since then, many lutenists enjoyed playing this music and discussing just who the Sautschecks were.

Here is the letter:

"........I was told the papers [30%]have been in his(-a friend of Roman-) family all along, exept for the war period, and there was a note attached saying :

"Innokenty Kudryavtsev brought it back for you" poss. after the war when the family returned to Kiev. The rest were in Olessky Castle Museum in West Ukraine. I.P was able to buy it from the Museum, because it needed hard currency for renovations. The papers were unbound,brown, of cellulose and crumbling, no watermarks. The staves were 5 line with one added by hand. The tabulature had almost no mistakes and did not look idiosyncratic. The hand reminded me of the Brussels Mandora Ms. Only one side was used, as the ink was seeping through. The titles were above the staves, mostly Italian, some German and a few French, and there were Latin mottoes attached to most pieces, which were mostly danse suite movements, no galanteries though, and a few transcriptions of Bach (2), Scarlatti (1), C.P.E. Bach (1), Telemann (1) , C. G. Neefe (1) and Vivaldi (1). (!!!), and a large stack of Russian romances with keyboard by Anton Rubinstein etal, but that's a different story Photographing it was imposs. financially, so, having a good deal of book preservation experience, he copied it all by hand (???!!!), and deposited it with The Heritage Society in Kiev, which conserves Hebraica, so they would try to preserve it. During Ivan's first visit here,I have seen about 20 pages of the real thing, and the rest in his copies, from which I made an almost complete copy for myself, and I hardly played anything else since. Surely sounds mythopoietic.""

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