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Artificial Life VII  The Seventh International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems

On-line Press and Books
  • On-line Publications

  • (compiled by Ezequiel A Di Paolo) probably the most complete list of Artificial Life papers on the net
  • Journal of Memetics Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission
  • JASSS Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation
  • GARAGe papers and technical reports (Michigan State University)
  • NCARAI Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence
  • Paper Journals

  • Artificial Life (MIT)
  • Artificial Life and Robotics (Springer Verlag)
  • Biological Cybernetics (Springer Verlag) 
  • Evolution (Society for the Study of Evolution) 
  • Evolutionary Computation (MIT Press)
  • Philosophy

  • Che cos'e' la vita? (in italiano)
  • Related Press

  • Biology and Zoology (MIT Press)
  • Cognition, Brain, and Behavior (MIT Press)
  • Environment and Ecology (MIT Press)
  • Neuroscience (MIT Press)
  • Resources
    Zooland A resouce with many great links and ALife software.
    ALife Research Zone info and applications

    Scientific Projects
  • BioDrive [freeware] A-Life and A.I., Brain evolution (256 editable neurons). Detailed information on the neural network are included.
  • Framsticks [shareware] 3D simulation
  • Avidia [freeware] similar to the tierra program - source code included (CalTech)
  • Life Drop  [java applet]  very stylish (français - english instructions)
  • Games

  • Creatures 2
  • Educational Games and Entertaining Games Maintained at CNR, Rome, Artificial Life Group.
  • Source Codes and Libs
  • Artificial Life On the Web Alife, genetic algorithms and cellular automata experiments written in java, with free source code.
  • GALib free C++ Library
  • Avidia (left, in Scientific Projects)
  • Evolution

  • Behavioral Evolution Simulations and Tutorials
  • FAQ and Techniques

  • Mit A.I. Lab
  • Genetic Programming
  • AI-faq/genetic
  • TU-Berlin (auf deutch)
  • AI-related FAQs

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