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Quick exit: right click on the tray icon and choose "Exit" from the popup menu.
Quick connect: Ctrl+W

The hot key

When you hit the hot key, Airy Secrets fills out the login form for you.
A hot key is a key combination that the user can press to perform an action quickly (e.g.: Ctrl+V).

The action performed by Airy Secrets is to fill out a login form with a password and all the necessary data. If you select  the program will also press Enter for you.

Airy Secrets offers a wide variety of hot-keys, but you must avoid to choose key combinations already in use by the target application (example: both InternetExplorer and Netscape does not use F2, so you can choose this key, that does not cause conflicts).

Login with Airy Secrets

1-Go to the login page
You can quickly open your browser and go directly to the login page, if you select a password and then click the Connect button. Alternatively you can right-click and choose "Connect" or press Ctrl+W.

2-Click on the first entry

3-Press the hot-key
It will appear a popup menu, where you have to choose the right password, and Airy Secrets will fill out the login form for you.

If you do not want the menu, you can unselect the PopupMenu button ( visible in the bottom bar). Now A.S. will "paste" directly the selected password in the list. Please, read documentation supplied with the software for more information (tutorial, steps 4 and 5).