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AXAR Team Encryption and COmpression system

ATECO joins encryption to compression, to store your data. Starting form version 5, it becomes modular and allows users and developers to choose from different algorithms:
  • Polymorphic Encryption (ATECO-EC4 and ATECO-EC3)
  • Blowfish
  • SuperXOR

    Compression reduces the space used, moreover it adds a bit of further security (expecially if the compression algorithm is unknown).

    With Airy Secrets and AEdit you can choose between Blowfish and polymorphic encryption.

    ATECO-EC4 [top]
    Polymorhic encryption algorithm, 256-bit key.
    In BioDrive there was an algorithm (the Brain) that can be assembled in several way and combinations. A similar concept is applied here: the strucure of the algorithm is assembled at random, giving to you an extremely strong encryption, because here varies both the key and the algorithm! Each different password and key take to a drastically different algorithm. In the current implementation there are 256256 possible algorithms for the same key (and with 256-bit long keys, there are up 1.158*1077 keys!).
    Moreover EC4 is very flexible: besides changing the password and the key, there are an half dozen of parameters that can alter completely the behaviour of the algorithm.
    An other interestanting feature of this algorithm is that even with the most omogeneus (i.e. a repeated byte) plain-text it produces a completely chaothic cipher-text.

    Blowfish [top]
    This simmetric block cipher is very fast, widely diffused, and well known for it security. The ATECO implementation uses a 256-bit key. For more information: Blowfish homepage

    Super XOR [top]
    A simple XOR masking with a variable. Mainly used by developers for test purposes.

    Version History


  • Modular (compatible with EC4, EC3, Blowfish, SuperXOR)


  • EC4 algorithm, encryption of binary data
  • Compression


  • EC3 algorithm, text encryption


  • EC2 algorithm, experimental


  • EC1 algorithm, string encryption


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