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Create your own translation! Your credits (your name and a link to your home page or e-mail) will appear in the translated software and in this page.

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* = Mother tongue translation.

To add one of the following translations to a software, simply put the translation (the .lng file) in the folder of that software. Its Preferences\Language menu will be automatically updated.

Please right-click on the link and choose ''Save As...''

Airy Secrets [top]
Ver.FileLast UpdateAuthor
4.0Español* May 19 2002Cbf
4.0Portuguese BR* Jul 26 2001Paulo Neto
4.0Deutsch* Jun 15 2001Martin Guebeli
4.0Italiano* May 26 2001Alberto Berardi
4.0EnglishAlready included in the zip file (built-in)

AXARScan [top]
Ver.FileLast UpdateAuthor
4.1Hungarian* Apr 04 2002Balázs Zoltán
4.1Español* Mar 17 2001Pedro García Alonso
4.1Portuguese* Mar 12 2001Paulo Neto
4.1Italiano*Already included in the zip file
4.1EnglishAlready included in the zip file

4.0Portuguese* Dec 30 2000Paulo Neto

AEdit [top]
Ver.FileLast UpdateAuthor
5.0Under construction...  

AEdit Dictionaries [top]
You can create new dictionaries by using the spell checker (from v3.0 onward) in dictionary-editor mode (Edit button). The Merge File button lets you add to a dictionary (new or preexistent) several words in a time (it reads them from plain text files and from .aed dictionary files).
If you have been created a new dictionary, we can publish it in this page. Just write an e-mail to you can submit the .aed file as attachment or give us the link to the site wich host the file.
DictionaryWordsSizeLast UpdateAuthor
Deutsch158'690769KbAug 06 2002AXAR Team
English173'987747KbJun 28 2001AXAR Team

Translation Kits

The LNG sources are plain text files (.txt), so you can easily translate them with any wordprocessor. Else you can use our specialized LNG Editor.

Available files: [top]
  • LNG Editor 0.5a 2001May26 (318Kb)
  • LNG source of Airy Secrets 4.0
  • LNG source of AXARScan 4.1

    You can easily test your translation by changing the extension from .txt to .lng. Else, with LNG Editor, you have simply to click "test".

    When your work is ready, please send it to: or to
    We will build and publish the compiled .LNG file for the approved translations.



    ©2002 AXAR Team