To take part in the project you don't need any previous experiences, you just need to be conscious to have something that looks good and the desire to share it with other people, through the photographical eye and interpretation.

All the pictures are black and white, and they are usually taken in my studio, in Trieste. Poses are decided in collaboration with models, but always trying to keep a certain uniformity of style. Simple pictures, essential, absolutely not vulgar, whose only protagonists are the woman and the light, nothing else. The only remuneration consists in three prints, 10'X12' format, chosen by the model among all the shots taken to her.

The pictures can be published in a photographic book, which is the main aim of the project, and can be used to advertise it in internet or through the press. In case the model doesn't want her pictures to be inserted in the net, it's possible to precise it. Then, it will be necessary to sign a cession of rights ( to the photographer) form that clearely specifies how and where they can be used. For further information you can write to:

I the undersigned........, born in............, in........., grant Mario Cipollini the authorisation of using and/or printing my pictures taken on (date)......., in his studio or elsewhere. Images where the model is recognizable can only be used for the following aims: a) Publications, exibitions and other promotional activities (included/excluded the use of the images on the relative site) concerning his project on beauty. b) Self-promotional aims and teaching. c) Art contests, cultural expositions and personal or collective ones. Any other advertising or trade uses need the model's further signed authorisation. Mario Cipollini engages not to use the model's images together with pictures, written texts or any kind of graphic modifications that could damage the personal dignity and reputation of the subject portraied. The remuneration fixed for this cession consists in three prints, 10'X12' format (or A4). Model's signature following.