Iniciativas Culturales DROMA




Flamenco at 5:15 (1983)

Regia:  Cynthia Scott

Interpreti principali:   Susana and Antonio Robledo

Durata:  29 min 22 sec

Flamenco at 5:15 is a visual and emotional thriller. It is an impressionistic record of a flamenco dance class given to senior students of the National Ballet School of Canada by two great teachers from Spain, Susana and Antonio Robledo. The film shows the beautiful young North American dancers--inspired by the flamenco rhythms and mesmerized by Susana'sextraordinary energy--joyously merging with an ancient gypsy culture. (Awards: Oscar, Hollywood; Salerno; San Francisco; Cracow; Valladolid; Yorkton; New York.)