SLURP SLURP!!!!For who’s visiting for the first time our web site is necessary to make one short presentation: we are two crazy sweethearts of the refined, typical or particular food. Lard of Arnad and of Colonnata, the Mocetta, the Culatello, the Teuten, the Oysters of Cancale, the Foie Gras d´oie, and thousand other types of salami, paste, cheeses, meats and fish, are only some of the deli with which we love delight in. And we do not feel in guilt!!! And then, you didn’t know that in the new millenium we’ll discover all the beautiful tastes of the tradition and the genuine kitchen?

And for that we make appeal to all the " Refined Palates " and to anyone’s felt gourmet, from Italy, Europe and all the world, decided to transmit their gastronomic acquaintance. Please send to our email buongustaio@tiscalinet.it information, recipes, indications about where to find typical foods and exclusive notices regarding cookery: salami, cheeses, oils... In this way you give us a precious contribute.

 We look forward for yours numerous emails; in the meanwhile we propose you a " virtual assay " of some delicious recipes. Thanks, and...