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HIV/AIDS in Resource Poor countries
Healthcare & Clinical Management
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HIV/AIDS in Anthropology
Medical Anthropology
Italian Anthropology
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ASA Associazione Solidarietà AIDS Milano.
ANLAIDS Associazione Nazionale per la Lotta contro l'AIDS. Roma
AIDS Resource List Regional, National, and International Sites.
The Body an AIDS and HIV Information Resource.
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies CAPS links page.
Family Health International
HIV Medication - Food Interactions Handbook
lila Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro L'aids
Veritas HIV Veritas Medicine for patients

HIV Conference & Congress Calendars

XIV International AIDS Conference July 2002 in Barcelona
IAS International Aids Society Conferences
Meetings of Interest to Treatment Activists
SIDAnet France - Congrès

HIV/AIDS in Resource Poor Countries

HIVInSite Countries and Regions page
Africa : AIDS in Africa
HIVInSite Sub-Saharan Africa
Impact of Interventions on Reducing the Spread of HIV in Africa
Sante Familiale et Prevention du Sida Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Togo

Articles on the web :
"AIDS in Africa - Heartbreak and Hope"
BBC News Africa "Battle against Aids 'will be slow'"
3 million HIV/AIDS Sufferers Could Receive Anti-Retroviral Therapy by 2005 Press Release WHO/58 9 July 2002
"SAFEGUARDING THE GAINS OF HIV IN AFRICA" Lusaka, 12 - 16 September 1999

HIV Healthcare & Clinical Management

Critical Path AIDS Project
Enhancing Care Initiative is a multidisciplinary, multinational program.
Family Health International FHI
FHI IMPACT Publication
"Meeting the Behavioural Data Collection Needs of National HIV-AIDS and STD Programmes"
(This is practically ethnographic techniqes in data gathering !)
Harvard AIDS Institute
HIVinsite at UCSF
IAEN International AIDS Economics Network
IAS International AIDS Society a nonProfit org focused on healthcare workers in developing countries
IAPAC International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care
UNAIDS the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

HIV Forums

HIVNET AF-AIDS Forum region Africa
HIVNET Fondation du Présent Geneva, Switzerland. Forums addressing HIV-AIDS.
ProCAARE Family Global Discussion Group on HIV & AIDS in families in the developing world.


American Anthropological Association
Open Directory - Science Social Sciences Anthropology
Links de interés Antropologia Forense in Spanish
UCSB Department of Anthropology Links Directory 's Point of Reference Journals and Bulletins
ICA - Institut Catalá d'Antropologia in English, Spanish and Catalan
Nicole's AnthroPage Anthropology links online.
Royal Anthropological Institute - The Anthropological Index
WWW Virtual Library - Anthropology
UCSB Department of Anthropology Links Directory
Wadsworth Anthropology Resource Center
WEDA ~ the Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists

HIV/ AIDS in Anthropology

AIDS and Anthropology Research Group (AARG) The mission of the AARG is to support anthropological research in the fight against HIV and AIDS.
AIDS (CAM)-- Computerized AIDS Ministries
Med Anth Dissertation Outline
"HIV Test Counseling, Confession Ritual and Deployment of Safe Sexuality"

Medical Anthropology

Anthropology Resources on the Internet AAA
Society for Medical Anthropology
Medical Anthropology Quarterly International Journal for the Analysis of Health.

Italian Anthropology

Sistemi e Culture Almost anth...intercultural communication, sociology, semiotics.

Med Anth Mailing Lists & Forums

CA-AIDS ML Uni. of Amsterdam Aids and Anthropology
MedAnthro ML
AnthropologyInAction ML


eMedicine - Emergency Medicine Harvard University Medical School, Mount Auburn Hospital.
Medical World Search
MSF il sito di medici senza frontiere italia


Africa South of the Sahara - Cameroon Bulletin Board
Afrik Netpress Magazine Online - Yaoundé Cameroon Headlines Home News from Africa.
Cameroon - Links Check out Cameroon Ethnography and History.
Maps of African Countries
Cameroon News Links to main news sources.
Ethnologue, Languages of the World - Cameroon
Lonely Planet Travel - Cameroonian Issues African Culture : writers, art, etc.
The Elephants of Cameroon
The Home Page of The Republic of Cameroon
Travel Guide and Bicycle Touring Guide in Cameroun
Universita' degli Studi Firenze - Cameroon Links for news

Fun & Friends

Bia Bya - Assoc. per l'Art de Barcelona. Fede & Marga teach, sell, exhibit mosaics for a worthy cause.
Internazionale Italian Weekly - List of world online newspapers at their site.

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