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(Casoria Metro)


Casoria is a crowded town in the Provincia di Napoli (83.705 inhabitants in 2001, according to ISTAT data), situated north of the city.
Comune di Casoria signed in 1985 an agreement with Metropolitana di Napoli spa (MN)(the same society which is building Naples' Linea 1).
Preliminary study was given by Mn to Centro Studi sui Sistemi di Trasporto S.p.A. (CSST), which in 1991 wrote a document for a Secondigliano - Casoria extension to Linea 1. The designed line consisted of the following stations (see Citta' Atellana):
1) Piscinola - Secondigliano (interchange with Linea 1); 2) Parco Sole (Naples); 3) Monte Rosa (Naples); 4) Arzano; 5) Casavatore; 6) Principe di Napoli (Casoria); 7) Vittorio Emanuele (Casoria); 8) Stazione FS di Casoria; 9) S. Antonio (Afragola); 10) Afragola Municipio; 11) Afragola Salicelle; 12) Stazione Porta.
The project was later modified, and it currently plans to reach Capodichino - Di Vittorio node to allow connection to Naples' Linea 1 under development.
According to the project, this line should start from the under-development High Speed (TAV) Station at Afragola, passing through Afragola, Casoria, Arzano and Casavatore, and should reach Capodichino - Di Vittorio.
The project contains a planned extension within Naples until Museo - Cavour node.

Project description:

Length is about eight kilometers, divided into two sections.
First section is 4.100 Kms long from Piazza Di Vittorio at Capodichino until Casoria FS Railway Station in piazza Dante, and crosses the towns of Casavatore and Arzano.
The second section is 4.500 kms long. It starts from Casoria FS Railway Station in Piazza Dante, crosses the town of Aftagola and reaches Afragola High Speeed Station (TAV) by means of one tunnel.

The project also plans a three-kilometer underground extension within Naples until the Archaeological Museum, interconnecting with Cavour stations of Naples metro lines 1 and 2. This extension needs two separate tunnels and new stations in the areas of the former mental hospital Leonardo Bianchi, Piazza Ottocalli, Piazza Carlo III, and Botanical Garden.

State of the art:

The project has been recently re-proposed by Responsible for Transports at Regione Campania, Prof. Ennio Cascetta.


The hypothesis is being considered to carry out the works by means of "Project Financing".

Work scheduling:

Scheduled work completion is 2011.

Stations within Comune di Napoli:

Cavour/Museo (1, 2, 9), Foria/Orto Botanico, Carlo III, Ottocalli, Capodichino/Leonardo Bianchi, Capodichino - Di Vittorio (1) Cassano - Berlingieri, Casavatore - San Pietro, Casoria - San Pietro.

Further towns served by the line:

Recent news

June 6, 2003: Executive Project presented by Comune di Casoria to Regione Campania (see news - in Italian- from Il Mattino).

July 4, 2003: Line is presented to the press as a part of the 100 Stations Project by Comune di Napoli Vice-Mayor, Rocco Papa.

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