Linea 4

Municipio ( 1, 3, 6 ), Porto Salvo (3), Pisacane (3), Terminale - Porta Nolana (3), Terminale (3), Garibaldi (1, 2, 3), Gianturco, San Giovanni, Barra, Santa Rosa, Ponticelli, Vesuvio/De Meis (3), Ospedale del Mare, and then outside Naples to Sarno.

Currently managed by Circumvesuviana. The section Napoli-Vesuvio of the Napoli-Ottaviano line will be converted into Metro System Linea 4.
On September 5, 2001 around 200 billion Liras have been funded for tripling Napoli-Barra section (see news - in Italian - from La Repubblica). Expected time: 5-6 years.
Moreover, 50 billion Liras have been funded to double tracks in the section Ponticelli - Vesuvio/De Meis and further until Cercola (see news - in Italian - from Il Mattino).
All stations already existing, apart from one more to built: Santa Rosa.
Station Vesuvio in use by January 10, 2001.

A possible extension towards city centre has been planned from Porta Nolana to Piazza Municipio, thus reaching the harbour. Extension is endowed with three underground stations: Pisacane, Porto Salvo and Municipio.
Currently there are no news about actual realization of this extension.
Further planned stations for this line are: Santa Rosa and Ospedale del Mare. Also in this case no news are currently available about their actual realization.

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Unofficial site about Circumvesuviana by A. Martone with lots of pictures (mostly in Italian): click here.

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