Linea 8

Leopardi (2), Mostra (2, 6, 7), Campegna, Cederna, Coroglio, Bagnoli - Giusso, Dazio.

Currently in use by Cumana line of S.E.P.S.A. to connect Naples to Pozzuoli and Torregaveta.

a) section Leopardi-Bagnoli:
will be modified and three stations will be added in the Bagnoli area: Campegna, Cederna and Coroglio;
b) section Bagnoli-Terme:
already existing, stations Bagnoli and Dazio.

Line 8 answers two questions. The first is to close the wound represented by ground-level Cumana line cutting Bagnoli in two parts; this will allow to easily connect the area to seaside and to main city roads. The second is to create a new metro line serving the new Coroglio-Bagnoli area; this line will be well linked to both urban and regional public transport.

The line:
The new line 8 will have a length of about five kilometers, seven stations and is the improvement in the section Dazio - Leopardi (Linea 2) of current Cumana line, running from Torregaveta to Montesanto.
The project implies line going underground, with a slope of 29,99, in Lucio Silla Street, until Bagnoli station. After new station Giusso (formerly Bagnoli), underground, line 8 turns towards coastline and crosses a formerly industrial area by shaping a wide curve, then it reaches Campegna Street by following Posillipo hill. It finally turns right, crosses two one-track tunnels and enters Linea 2 tracks at Campi Flegrei station.
Maximum slope of final rise is 31,53, while along the whole line the maximum slope is 14,44. Minumum curve radius is 400 metres.
Line will be totally underground, and will run at an as-minimal-as-possible depth due to water presence at a few metres, needing to reduce as much as possible pressure on tunnels. Tunnel excavation will take place in open air.
Distances between stations along the line range within 640 and 1170 metres. Influence areas of the stations, when measured with a 500-metre radius, cover almost completely the area, everywhere overlapping except between the two stations Campegna and Campi Flegrei.

Hypothesized total cost is about 280 billion Lire, if the line is built when the Bagnoli area is built, otherwise about 350 billion Lire, if it takes place in a second phase.

Foreseen train frequency:
7.5 minutes

Foreseen number of passengers:
Global flow for the seven stations in rush time (7.00 am- 9.30 am in workdays) is about 3,000 entering and 6,000 exiting passengers. This means 27,000 entering and 54,000 exiting passengers per day; the yearly figures are then about 10 million entering and 20 million exiting passengers.

For further information click Relazione PUE Bagnoli - Capitolo 2.1 (in Italian - from Comune di Napoli site).

The area served:
Linea 8 will serve an area which is going to be completely reconverted and rebuilt: it has been an industrial area, and recently steel industries have been closed to create a new tourism/ residential/service area with, among other, a public park, tourism wharfs, hotels, a beach, and the City of Science with a Research zone.
Project funded, works to start.
Click here for a detailed map of "Nuova Bagnoli" Project (from site).

Cumana-Circumflegrea system here.

Current Cumana timetable:

For details about trains and a picture of a Circumflegrea train click here.

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