Linea 9

Cavour/Museo (1, 2, 10), Miracoli/Stella, Capodimonte, CTO/Lieti, Nicolardi/Tribunale dei Minori, Colli Aminei (1).

On January 27, 2000 Comune di Napoli board approved the project of Linea 9 as a light metro line. The final project, developed by Comune di Napoli experts, has not been funded yet.
The line is expected to start service by end 2005 with six stations: Cavour-Museo), Miracoli-Stella, Capodimonte, CTO-Lieti, Nicolardi-Tribunale, Colli Aminei.
Capodimonte station will have two exits, one at Porta Grande and the other directly in the Park.

total length: 3,8 Kms;
total cost: 360 billion lire;
very high slope: up to 8%.
It was formerly thought of as a cable-car with a much shorter length.
More info: Repubblica site (in Italian).

Recent news

March 1, 2001: Comune di Napoli investment plan approved. Linea 9 funding approved: in 2001 214,8 billion Lire, in 2002 107,4 billion Lire, in 2003 35,8 billion Lire. See press news from Il Mattino (in Italian).

April 11, 2004: 257,000 euros funded to investigate feasibility of Linea 9. By end of summer decision will be made whether to build it or to build a cable-car system instead of it (see news - in Italian - from Il Mattino).

February 5, 2006: Rocco Papa, Naples vice Mayor, says that Linea 9 will be built (see news - in Italian - from Napolipiu')(thanks to Andrea Salvia).

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