Linea 6
Station to open by 2011. Underground level station.
Doubts exist on actual construction of this station.

For some drawings of the station, click site

Recent news

February 16, 2002: Doubts on station construction (see nota di stampa - in Italian - from La Repubblica).

Places of interest

Royal Palace (from Neapolitan Tourist Network)

Piazza Plebiscito (from Napoli Porte Aperte)

San Francesco di Paola (from Napoli Porte Aperte)

San Carlo Theatre (from Napoli Porte Aperte): the official site

Shopping area

Via Caracciolo - Sea Front

Hotel Excelsior

Hotel Miramare

Hotel Santa Lucia

Hotel Vesuvio

Hotel Rex

Pizzeria Brandi

Restaurant and Pizzeria Canta Napoli

Restaurant La Scialuppa

For more details click Linea 6 official site
For details on Linea 6 trains and control devices click Ansaldo Breda.

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