Salvator Rosa

Linea 1
Station in use since April 5, 2001. Underground level station.

April 2002: second exit (Piazza Leonardo) has entered service.

December 14, 2002: third exit of station Salvator Rosa (Linea1) is open: it serves Via Battistello Caracciolo - Cesarea area (see press release - in Italian - from Il Mattino).

Two professional drawings of the station (from Atelier Mendini, station designers):

A picture of the station under construction (from Interviu - in Italian). Please note paintings on surrounding buildings.

Art works on the exterior of a building to create atmosphere around the station (from Interviu - in Italian).

Salvator Rosa - main lounge © Interviu Salvator Rosa © Interviu Salvator Rosa © Interviu

The above pictures are copyrighted by Interviu.

Salvator Rosa -  surrounding buildings © Metronapoli Salvator Rosa - outer escalator © Metronapoli

The above pictures are copyrighted by Metronapoli.

February 7, 2002: station Salvator Rosa, designed by Mendini, gets "The Prince and the Architect" award by Comune di Bologna at Europolis 2002 (see press release - in Italian - from La Repubblica).

For details about trains and control devices of Linea 1 click Ansaldo Breda.

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