Linea 1
Station in use. Underground level station.

Places of interest
Villa Floridiana (from Napoli Porte Aperte)

Castel Sant'Elmo (from Napoli Porte Aperte)

Certosa di San Martino (from Napoli Porte Aperte)

Shopping area

Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Margherita

For a picture of the station click here (copyright by Werner Huber).

For details about trains and control devices of Linea 1 click Ansaldo Breda.

Recent news

October 16 2002: escalator-based path connecting Montesanto cablecar station and Vanvitelli station (Linea1) enters service (see press release 1 and press release 2 - in Italian - from Il Mattino).

March 23, 2005: restyling at station Vanvitelli (Linea 1) has been made available to passengers. This latter comprises, among other improvements, many modern-art workpieces collected and exhibited under the supervision of Achille Bonito Oliva.
Read news - in Italian - from Il Mattino.
ClicK here for a movie by Comune di Napoli.

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