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To Mr. David Oddsson, Prime Minister of Iceland
Dear Sir,
The leadership of our Party was shocked to learn that in Iceland was illegally arrested and for several days kept in complete isolation the leader of Peace 2000, former Icelandic Presidential Candidate Mr. Astthor Magnusson. He was released only by the High Court decision. The Icelandic police also in the middle of the night raided the Peace 2000 offices and the home  of Mr. Magnusson and confiscated computers. We believe that these unlawful actions deeply violate not only basic human rights but also well-known democratic traditions of Iceland.
Our Party strongly protests against such anti-democratic steps. We urgently appeal to you, Mr. Prime Minister, to take all necessary measures for the punishment of the officials responsible for these illegitimate actions and for the returning to Mr. Magnusson all the Peace 2000 computers and data.

Yours respectfully,

Sergey Skvortsov,

First Secretary, CPSU