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Brussels, July 24, 2002



To the Central Committees of Communist and Workers Parties in Europe,




Dear Comrades,



Your Party was present or showed support to the European Conference dedicated to « the struggle against imperialist globalization and the defense of socialist Korea » in Brussels on February 9, 2002. This meeting was very successful. The participating delegates have expressed their wish to continue the initiatives of solidarity, which took place with socialist Korea.

As initiators to this conference, we consider as our duty to comply with this request.


After having consulted some parties present at the Conference of February 9 and the Workers Party of Korea, we propose to constitute a coordination board between the European communist and workers parties in order to maintain the flow of information and the coordination of common actions, to which could participate all interested workers and communist parties.

This board would be constituted by delegates representing parties of different regions of Europe. It would gather twice a year.


We propose that the board meetings take place alternatively in different countries. The consulted comrades propose however that the first meeting take place in Brussels on Sunday September 15, 2002.

Your Party is warmly invited to participate.


To the agenda


1.    The concrete proposal accepted at the conference of February 2002: the realization of a book, the goal of which will be to defend concretely socialist Korea, to present its realizations, to refute in a convincing way the lies carried by western medias. We propose to publish it in several languages: English, French, Spanish, German,      Russian, …In order to gather concrete material (statistics, macro-economic data…), we have planned that two or three comrades will go to Korea, probably in October 2002.  The WPB can send one or two comrades; if one member of your Party can join, could you let us know as soon as possible ? To ensure the success of this book, all contributions are welcome. If your Party wishes to contribute to this book in a concrete way – analyses, concrete data, travel reports… - or if you dispose of comrades, who are ready to take care of the translation of the book, we ask you to let us know as soon as possible.


2.    Among the European communist parties, many possess interesting material about socialist Korea, which is well suited for a large propaganda: videos, pictures, magazines, books, articles, activity reports…We ask you to communicate us the list of the original material you dispose of and you think could be useful to the other parties. A common list will be elaborated and presented at the meeting of September 15.


3.    The realization of a common website, where the material of each Party could be easily available for the others. We need then to find passionate peoples, ready to regularly dedicate some time to manage this site.


4.    Some parties propose to realize the above points for the summer 2003, in order to be able to launch a common campaign of solidarity, by using more or less the same material in different countries.


5.    One proposal has also been made to launch this campaign at the occasion of a second “Conference of solidarity with socialist Korea”, which could take place around the 27th of July 2003, the 50th anniversary of the signature of the armistice, after the imperialist aggression war against Korea. Some people propose to hold this second conference in Pyongyang.


6.    Some people propose to organize at the same occasion a much broader conference, which would gather democrats and progressist people ready to mobilize themselves in solidarity with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – again more threatened than ever by an imperialist aggression since 1950-1953.


7.    The question of the reinforcement of the “CILRECO “ (International Liaison Committee for Reunification and Peace in Korea) as organ of coordination at the democratic and progressist level. With first the international campaign of signatures for the petition of CILRECO demanding the independent and pacific reunification of the Korean peninsula.


This agenda is already very busy. But if you think that some important point is missing, please let us know as soon as possible.

We would much appreciate to receive from each of you some preparation notes in order for this meeting to be efficient.


In order to organize at best the meeting of September 15, we would be grateful if you could let us know before August 20 if your Party intends to participate. The WPB will ensure the housing and the meals from Saturday September 14 at 6pm till Monday morning 16. For financial and practical reasons, we propose that the parties only send one delegate. The delegates will be lodged by militants and sympathizers of the WPB. The travel costs to Brussels are to be paid by the participants.  The working language of the meeting will be English. Can you inform us if you need a translation towards French, German, Russian,… ?


If you can’t send any delegate to the meeting of September 15, let us however know if you support the idea of the creation of such a coordination board or if you wish to be invited to the next meeting. Send us some notes or remarks concerning the points of the agenda if possible.


Thank you for sending us the small coupon below.


We hope to meet you next September 15 and transmit you, dear Comrades, our brotherly greetings.




Baudouin Deckers,

Politburo of the Workers Party of Belgium

Jean Pestieau

Responsible for International Relations of the WPB