Dear Comrades and Friends,
I send you Ist part of statement on war of our organization - Communist Youth Union (KSM), Czech Republic.
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Statement of the Communist Youth Union on war against Iraq
    On Thursday, March 20th of this year, the United States of America, Great Britain, and their allies, launched an attack on Iraq. The Communist Youth Union unanimously condemns this military aggression.  After months of proceedings on the floor of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization, full of threats and bribery, George Bush and Tony Blair desided to attack. Despite the assurance of the super-greedy capitalist elite and media that this war is only for democracy, people's rights, and war against terrorism and weapons of mass desruction, it is more than clear that it is fiirst of all a war for oil, power interests, and strategic territory. 
    France, Germany, Russia, China and many other subjects have formally taken a stand against the war, but we must not view this as a clearly antiwar position. It is only reflex economic interest of capital of those countries in Iraq, with which they have signed longterm economic contracts,  which the course of the war seriously endangers.
    The Communist Youth Union in no way agrees with the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein and supports working for its ovetrthrow.  That, however, should be brought about by citizens of Iraq and not the attacking army of the United States and its satellites. It was exactly that country which installed the regime of Saddam Hussein in power, and which  openly supported his war against neighboring Iran, and when he violently crushed a nationalist and religious minority living in Iraq.
    Bush, Blair, Aznar, Berlusconi and other leaders of the attacking anti-Iraq coalition of this war do not have the support of the ordinary people. This is shown by the gigantic anti-war demonstrations which in several months have spread to all continents.