In Rome for a pluralist project of Liberation


Why on the 21st of January will an international meeting against
neo-free trade be held in Rome?


Because the only answer to the aggression of neo-free trade can be the unity of  antagonist forces, non reformist parties and associations which do not pursue profit or just “moral proposals” inside the capitalistic logic. Outside of the concept of merely contesting masses which do not have any political direction and in order to elaborate a transforming project which starts amongst lower classes, Democrazia Popolare proposes a non hegemonic meeting which does not have any personalism neither magic solutions  that counter-revolution and lower middle classes left wing likes so much. Seattle, Prague, Nize show us the presence of strong and lively social energies which are fighting against policy of exploitation indicated by FMI and its allies, in order to change society.

Our purpose is not to direct contest at all nor we want to create “a conflict” between different left wing forces in order to “hegemonise” somebody and something, but we just want to give an ideological content to our political being and behaviour which avoids illusions and waste of a lot of young (and not only) energy. To give an ideological content should not scare us; on the contrary, it should give us a renewing stimulus towards unity. Nowadays we need to take note of  the fact that the efforts of conscious and leading masses in fighting to defend what neo-free trade every day wrings from workers and people are getting exhausted; we think, therefore, that it is ncessary and urgent to organise a common alternative which ideologically starts from Marxism-Leninism as basis and goes beyond the simple defense of worker’s conquests. Such alternative should not be reduced to following the neo-reformist proposal of distributing the small piece of cake that neo-liberalism “grants”.

We are convinced that there are alternatives to the “neo-colonialist” wave that wants to convince us that there is nothing to do and we have to accept the “status quo” as a not modifiable divine plan: this certainty, on the contrary, gives us new energy and renews our commitment. To globalise the answer is a need: to give content to a project that starts from lower classes is a necessity. If we failed  to play our historical role as a “collective intellectual who is organic to lower classes ” we would miss the train of history. We have the privilege of education and we are bound not to betray lower classes, which will find its most suitable organizational forms inside the direction of a front for socialism, a new party which fights against the world system of inequalities. We are trying to create useful and necessary embryos that have the duty to build the unity of the organizations of critical and antagonist Left, by eliminating egoisms and personalisms, as we are aware that such “choices” would certainly cause failure and would bring us to betray all the people whom we want to represent (in addition, we must to specify that our duty is “to emancipate” more than to represent). Our party is, therefore, necessary for an alternative and a concrete struggle against imperialism; it is a party that, even inside the bourgeois-democratic system, has a project of  government and direction and wants to move forward to the construction of socialism. That’s why on the 21st of January we want to meet in Rome respecting every autonomy, discussing in a brotherly way with anyone still wants to carry out  a project of pluralist Liberation.  

Hasta la Victoria Siempre.