The “Antimperialistic Documentation Center”(CEDA2000)

(Enrico Giardino–DAC Forum )


The armed and lying imperialism- called “neoliberism”- is the cruel plague and  the enemy of

humankind : so, its reversed representation of the real world only supports its illegal purposes and rude ideology. Oppressed people need an alternative information, based on the Universal values for the right political solutions, in order to reach a “new solidaristic world”.

Therefore selection and  description of the facts  and processes must be managed by the “victims”, instead of their “oppressors”.  Therefore the idea of  the            

                                   “Antimperialistic Documentation Center”(CEDA2000)


The “center”- based on Internet - should have these purposes :

-         to demystifing the planned lies of the imperialism and of its charlatans ;

-         to linking facts - showed as separated and unrelated - to their real context ;

-         to describing Countries and processes in terms of  popular and social needs;

-         to descovering and diffusing popular solutions for the humankind’s problems.


Here it is an example referred to the ARGENTINA Country.

  1. Geopolitical context of the Country (Argentina) in its Continent
  2. Social and  Political history : popular needs and struggles; men/women and power’s relationships, political parties, Institutional and Constitutional framework..
  3. Territorial and social geography : culture, languages, traditions, religions, natural resources, rural and urban life-styles , production-distribution-consumer chains, technologies, transport, mass-media, Educational and Health services, External intrusions....State sovereignty.
  4. Cultural and Media  framework : arts, schools, literature, poetry, cinema, mass-media, sciences, technologies. Economical and cultural autonomy (or dependence). Advertising .

Communication and information rights ; media, Internet and PC diffusion.

  1. Economical and Labour framework : Job rights and Organization, power’s relationships,

Job and social situation, trade-unions powers and autonomy, Job rules. Economical situation, external dependence, foreign debt, financial and commercial flows. Banks , popular control on the prices of goods and services.

      6 .  International and National  politics : alliances, relatonships, exchanges: Military and Police

            forces, Consitutional and popular rights, war (or peace) actions. Political elections, re-

            ferendum, political communication, popularor social media access. Social power.

            Links with USA, Europa,  Italia and Vatican State. Catholic influence.

  1. Available documentation –audiovisual and written - about the Country. Reliable news

sources. Popular and social “horizontal” sources. Solidaristic groups in action.

Newspapers, films and useful  consulting tools in order to understand the Country.

  1. Up-dated  relevant news and facts regarding the Country.

Qualitative and quantitative descriptors should be used, avoiding deviant numerical “averages” and other “commercial” figures, largely diffused in  the western media.

The collected “true” data of the “Center” should be used for “rebuilding” the real world in many different fields : political, social, touristic, educational, media agencies and operators.

People and groups- all over the world - w’ll be able to feed  and update this electronic  “archive”.