30th I.C.S.C. Congress
                             Estoril, Portugal  10th June 2010

For the attention of:
  • ICSC Honorary Presidents
  • Existing ICSC Member-countries
  • ICSC New Member-countries
  • ICSC Board Members
Date:         19th May 2010
Reference: 30th I.C.S.C. Congress, Estoril, Portugal, 10th June 2010
Dear Members
Please find enclosed details for the 30th ICSC Congress:
a)  Agenda
b)  Minutes of the 29th ICSC Congress 2008, St.Gallen, Switzerland
c)  ICSC Board Reports 2008
d)  ICSC Board Reports 2009
e)  Motions & Proposals
f)   Nominations for ICSC Presidency and ICSC Board
a. Michele Visco, ICSC President Candidate
        b. Yuri Sobolev,  ICSC President Candidate
gI.C.S.C. Delegate Forms

The ICSC Annual Accounts 2008 & 2009, alongside with a more updated Agenda will be distributed in Estoril upon your arrival.
I look forward to seeing you in Estoril!
Yours in chess,
Phillip K. Gardner
ICSC Secretary-General


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