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Welcome to the English Page of ôueh... Simps˛n!ö

This page was created to help English speaking people to browse our Italian language pages.

Some information concerning ôueh... Simps˛n!ö
Ueh... Simps˛n! - Your Italian Guide to The Simpsons - is an Italian site containing miscellaneous information, a very detailed episode guide, character profiles, the guest stars list, places in Springfield, quotes, trivia & games, and links to other Italian fan sites.

List of main sections:

Le ultime notizie dal mondo dei Simpson - News Area
Lastest Italian and international news about "The Simpsons" show - SPECIAL: Simpsons Dvd News (available and upcoming Dvds in Italy) // Simpsons Cd // The Simpsons: the Movie (information and multimedia contents about the Simpsons Movie).

Storia STORIA - History
Historical and general information about the show and its creator: Matt Groening; further information about the Simpsons world-wide success.


  • CuriositÓ - Did You Know?! Detailed description of the "secrets" in the Opening Sequence and a complete list of the Couch Gags seen in each episode.

  • Rassegna Simpson - Episode Guide: a list of each serie episodes with Italian and original title, air date, brief summary, episode image, notes, first character appearances, guest stars, writers and directors...

  • Programmazione televisiva - Broadcast History: a list of all episodes with original and Italian titles and air dates (sorted by Original Broadcast or Italian Broadcast).

The Simpsons

PERSONAGGI - Characters
A brief listing of the main characters: neighbors and civil servants, Nuclear Power Plant, Elementary school, classmates, media personalities, VIPs (celebreties and famous people) - SPECIAL: Chief Wiggum: źueh... Simps˛n!╗ - Extras: The Simpsons Cards (characters' image gallery).


The Simpson House

FAMIGLIA - The Simpson Family
An Italian description of the real protagonists: the Simpsons household and relatives. Detailed profiles of Homer (with the Italian Mr. X's Web Site), Marge, Bart (with the Blackboard Opening List), Lisa and Maggie - SPECIAL: The Simpsons' House, with detailed floor plans and photos of the house!


STARS - Guest Stars
A complete list of all the guest stars who take part in the show and detailed descriptions of main stars, with pictures and episode summaries - SPECIAL: All Stars // Italian Guest Stars.

Information about Springfield history and a very detailed city profile, with all places and locations of the Simpsons' hometown... and - of course - the answer to the question you have always been asking for: Where is the Simpsons' Springfield?

Welcome to Springfield


BATTUTE - Quotes
Italian quotes from episodes (sorted by episode and by character) and a complete list of all phone calls to Moe's - Extras: Quote dictionary (a useful American/Italian dictionary for the Simpsons' recurring quotes).

QUIZ ...e giochi - Trivia
Quiz and interactive games.

download DOWNLOAD
Wallpapers, ScreenSavers, Fonts, Icons, Cursors, Audio files and much more! - Extra: Simps˛n Calendar ("Simpson" wallpapers for your desktop).

SCRIVIMI - Contacts
ueh... Simps˛n! - piccola guida ai Simpson

About ôueh... Simps˛n!ö
My e-Mail & "Simps˛n Banner"
[Fabio Racco] // [Support My Site]

Links to other international and Italian fan sites (with detailed reviews) - Extras: Springfield Yellow Pages, with a complete list of all character sites on the Web.

The cerdits page: just to say "Thank you very much" to all websites and people who were "source of inspiration" for these pages.


Thanks & Bye - Bye!!! by Fabio Racco



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