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At Giffoni Valle Piana, within the Salerno hinterland, along the slope ridges overhanging a pleasant valley, from centuries the "Fattoie mediterranee" farm has devoted care, love and professionality to the cultivation of hectares of olive-groves which overlook the sea from an altitude 400 metres high, situated on stone terraces, in a suggestive scenery where the trees sprout and take root in the rocks emerging from the ground, hence derives its name PETRETA.

In this enchanting landscape, the "Fattorie Mediterranee" farm works observing from long time strict rules during the harvesting and working process of the olives in absolute respect for the environment and with a firm faithfulness to their own secular agricultural tradition.

The Fattorie Mediterranee Farm, even though respecting the tradition, has been investing money in new technologies, systematically up-dating its knowledge and its production process, in order to provide a traditional, genuine but at the same time refined and delicate product, result of a great love for this work and of the land generosity.

During its evolution the farm has always paid great attention to the preservation of the traditional art of producing oil, although keeping a firm eye on the new technologies, too. In the 1950s, to replace the ancient hand presses, a press oil-mill was introduced, which was later substituted, during the '70s by a continuous cycle system, equipped with percolating separator (sinolea) which perfectly fulfils the needs of quality and tradition together with the modernization and cheapness of the production process.

Today, thanks to this enlightened policy, the Fattorie Mediterranee Farm is in a position to offer you an olive oil which contains in its organoleptic contents the whole history of the time. Indeed, the olive tree cultivation in the Picentino Campagna has been known since ancient times, and throughout the centuries it has had a constant quality evolution resulting in an extra-virgin olive oil of great class and excellent quality, produced with the variety of cultivar Rotondella olives, which predominate in the olive-groves of the area.

The Extra-virgin Giffoni Oro is the synthesis of the growth of the Fattorie Mediterranee Farm that with ability joins, in a perfect symbiosis, the ancient productive traditions to the technological innovations.

The secret of its delicate taste and quality lies in the olive salubrity, the production procedure rigorously checked, the harvesting method done exclusively by hand from the trees, and finally in the pressing system which through accurate mechanical and physical processes grants the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit.

The extra-virgin olive oil "Giffoni Oro", with its emerald-green colour with golden reflections, has a light fruity taste. The excellent quality and fragrance make it particularly tasteful on vegetables and fish, on roast meat as well as on "bruschette" or legume soups; its ancient history and exquisiteness make it especially suitable for a correct Mediterranean diet.


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