Mark & James
Joaquin smiling to...
James Singing...
Sound checking...
Relaxing after the concert...

The following pictures have been taken to please the most demanding fans.
Even though everyone ought to be able to admire the beauty of the following three young gods, the low forces us to tell you that YOU MUST BE OVER 18 to download the following pictures...

!!!James Naked!!!
!!!Joaquin Naked!!!
!!!Mark Naked!!!

I was supposed to record something to be put here, to make everybody listen to the way I play. I chose not to play a cover, and not to play just fast heavy licks to prove how good I am... It would have been too simple and I really couldn't see the point there...
I sit
sometimes on my couch thinking about something or someone, strumming my guitar, letting my feelings out;...well I wrote this song this way on a friday night in October.
The song's called "waiting FØR You".

Take a chance,
search your heart,
and you will know
SHE is the one
waiting FØR You

waiting FØR You mp3 Real Audio G2

Try to imagine a band without rythm, it'd would be like a flower without petals, or a wine without taste, a woman without love...
I'm the rythm, the petal, I provide the love to the songs we play. Here's an example of my expertise and passion: it is an excerpt from "Tres Hombres Locos", an instrumental song of ours.



Tres Hombres Locos Mp3 Real Audio G2

When I was sixteen, I once woke up in the middle of the night.

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The Fedge story starts on summer 1995 playing cover songs for fun.
The band has since the beginning consisted of three members: Alan Scott, Joakim Roti Ballesteros, Ole-Kristian Larsen. All of we had backrounds from other local bands.

The first great breakthrough for us was when we found a place to rehearse. The band held their first concert after just six rehearsals, at the local theatre. The set-list consisted of:

"Buddy Holly" by Weezer
"I don't care"
"Pea"by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Billy the fourth"

The concert was well recieved by the audience and the local newspaper, and this inspired Fedge to continue rehearsing.


We kept on writing new songs for a long time, and the next appearence was a year later, in the local society hall.
Unfortunately, this concert was not as successful as the first one; the sound sucked, and the monitors did not work.

We did not let our ambitions and hopes be destroied by this, and only a month later we participated in a rock contest at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo.
Two weeks later we held another concert under a pouring rain and we had to quit after only two songs because of a technical failure.
Later that day the local Music Academy asked us if we wanted to hold an intimate concert in connection with the Academy's annual summer barbeque party.
We accepted, and made such a success, it had to play a number of songs twice.


In the summer of 1997, our inspiration was enormous, and we produced a great number of good songs in this period.
During the fall we recorded a demo-tape in studio.
In October we held two successful concerts: one at the Club 3 Arena in Asker, our hometown, and two weeks later in Musikkflekken Hall at the BROCK-festival in Baerum.
Since then we have been involved in other minor music projects in addition to the regular band rehearsals. In all of this period the band has been very productive in making new songs, and it seems as if we found our genre; PORN-ROCK.
We went in studio in March 1998 and recorded a 5 track promo- album, titled "Lounge Of Love". We played live in concert three times in June. The most important gig we held was at Kalvøya in Norway, in front of more than 400 people. The new songs, including "Disco Devil", got good response from the audience.


In july 1999 Ole left the band, due to some impredictable businesses showing up unexpected. His spirit and his sounds will always be a part of us.
We had to choose a new member, someone who could continue the great work of Ole; after a while we found the right guy: Marco Toschi.
As of January 2000 we keep on writing songs, we are performing with success playing Police cover songs in Oslo and Bærum.

Have a look at our Gigs page if you want to come and visit us!

Yours Forever....


Ciao bellissima...

Mark Newcastle at your will.
Open up your doors and I'll make you feel what does it mean to feel the heat....
Let the heat of my guitar fill you up your senses, surround you. It will protect you through the next minutes.

Think about Italy: sun, love, wine, romance...
I wish you a wonderful trip in the music...
Let's begin...

The Lounge of Love mp3
Obsession mp3
Velvet Hammer mp3
This time U've gone too far mp3
Perfect Martini mp3
One Night Stand mp3
Massage Menage mp3

Copyright Fedge 1999
WEB Master - Marco Toschi

Hi honey... Welcome to the Lounge of Love.

My name is James, James Valantine. and I'm here to please you.

Take a glass of ice water and sit down. I'm taking you where no one else has been... While you listen to these songs think about me, feel my voice inside you, free your body and your soul...

Let's begin...

The Lounge of Love mp3
Obsession mp3
Velvet Hammer mp3
This time U've gone too far mp3
Perfect Martini mp3
One Night Stand mp3
Massage Menage mp3

Olà bonita! Let me welcome you in My lounge of love...
I'm Joaquin, Joaquin Iglesias here to serve your senses. Now relax on your favourite coach and start the music.
Open up your body to the vibrations of my drums...

Sinchronize your hearth with the rithm I'll provide....Let my music penetrate'll be my slave now...
Good luck baby...

Let's begin...

The Lounge of Love mp3
Obsession mp3
Velvet Hammer mp3
This time U've gone too far mp3
Perfect Martini mp3
One Night Stand mp3
Massage Menage mp3

Welcome to our Lounge Of Love!
First, sit down and relax. A glass of beer and dimmed light will help you better experience
what Fedge are going to provide you....

Follow the screaming notes of The Lounge of Love
...swim into the melanchony of Obsession
...feel the romance of Velvet Hammer.

Free your mind, kill your inhibitions, open up your senses....
Trust us, you won't regret it.... Let's begin...

The Lounge of Love mp3
Obsession mp3
Velvet Hammer mp3
This time U've gone too far mp3
Perfect Martini mp3
One Night Stand mp3
Massage Menage mp3

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Baby James Valantine is the voice of the band. The emotions you get listening to him singing made more than one faint during a performance. Like that time at Roskilde festival... He is also the bass player in Fedge.

Mark NewCastle is a new memeber in the Group. Joining on July 1999 he brought a touch of "mediterranean sundance" to the Band. He plays his axe since he's born and he is good ...ohhh so good...

Joaquin is called 'el toro' for his CALIENTE temperamento. High skilled drummer and proficient songwriter, he is the perfect drum machine for the band.


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Joaquin Mark James

We presume that by now you'll be wondering:
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Here you are...! Three of our best songs are coming...

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