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For entry to TGT #,  please use this EntryForm, but don't forget your e-mail!
The EntryForm will be forwarded directly to  TGT # tournament director, Francesco S. Rinaldi.
TGT# tournament director will usually reply to your request within 2 days by an e-mail.

To guests visiting TGT the first time it is recommended to contact TGTdirector directly via e-mail. This recommendation is due to the fact that the EntryForm is sometimes not used correctly, and a typing error in the e-mail field will result that no contact between you and TGT will result. It is particularly recommended to ask TGT # director directly via e-mail if you do not a confirmatory e-mail (please do not request earlier than 2 days after submission)

Please provide the following information for your entry to TGT #:

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