First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Thomas Stock, who is the creator of the great project of TGTs, and who has been so kind to accept me as a "Sub Webmaster" of his marvellous site Gambit.

I should also like to thank my chessfriend Ivo Fasiori, from Prato, Italy, who helped me, (and many other chessplayers on the Internet), in many many ways.

My thank goes also to Bruce Monson. Studying his wonderful, and inimitable Sub Web, Belgrade Gambit and other Knightmares, I've learnt really a lot. Moreover, Bruce has been  so kind to allow me to partially "copy" his html source code for the section "email tournaments"

Last but not least, I should like to thank chessfriends Andrzej Nowicki, from Poland, and Marko Koivumäki, from Finland, who helped me too.

                                                                                      Francesco S. Rinaldi