Hello and welcome to my Radio Amateur Station Page.  Here you will find some information about my activity in the radio amateur world.

Here's me at my Shack (not ready yet....).

The Internet killed the radio amateur spirit?  I don't think so... the internet killed only the ham who wasn't sure on what radio amateur really is.

Take a look at the .swf presentation I made in honour of the MIR space station.

The IARU Beacon Project.

Linux and the Radio

It was in 1995 that I officially joined the radio amateur community. One day I read about Elmers. I liked very much that unformal institution. It seemed to me that Elmers and LUG'ers are the same kind of persons on different area of interest.
The digital transmissions modes brought a PC on almost every radio amateur shack. Not only packet radio but even SSTV, RTTY etc etc.
Since I used the PC at the university and I discovered that free software gave me great chance to know a lot of things about software engeneering and so on, I thought it was good to find out what free software could be there on the net for the radio amateurs, and if a radio amateur could count only on free software for his shack.
After a lot of experiments and search on the net I can assure that a radio amateur could use only free software to get the 'digital' part of the shack working, being free himself, without being dependant to some softwarehouse that don't care about the radio amateurs activity, if not for selling new licenses at every new release of the software.
Here you are all the links you need to get all that working: