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This site is dedicated to all the people who love guitar, or better, the 6 STRINGS ORCHESTRA !!
Its scope is to divulge knowledge and love for guitar. Here you'll find lots of informations, tips and tricks that will help you to master your instrument (even if you think to be an accomplished guitar hero) and make a consistent quality jump.
I too have made this quality jump many years ago. In 1974 I spent hours, days, weeks trying to understand the things a guy named Leo Kottke was doing with his 6 & 12 strings (all by ear! at this time in Italy there were no manuals or paper concerning fingerpicking guitar). Remember !!: all the things you learn with sweat on your front will be hammered in your genetic code and will be kept untill you die.
The site is divided into various sections, some of then are more technically oriented, while others are much more informative and divulgative.
The "Top 10 " pages reflect my taste and have the only goal to make known some guitarists' names, often underestimated or straight unknown. If you'll hear them with the right dose of humility and spirit of emulation, they will contribute in an essential way to give you a very good and solid guitar background.
In "Downloads " You'll find many transcriptions in various formats, many of them are from  own, and many others will come from all the guitarists which will give me the permission to publish their efforts. All the transcriptions are made with the help of the best tablature editors actually in commerce: Guitare Pro and Tabledit .


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   Via Cadorna 4
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