19th European Club Team Deaf Chess Championships 

Hamburg, Germany  3rd  - 7th June 2009


Final Ranking

 1. Kaschtan Kyiv, Ukraine   2. Sahovski Klub Silent Zagreb, Croatia
3. Arkadia Otwock, Poland  4. Hamburger Gehörlosen Sportverein, Germany II
 5. Dresdner Gehörlosen-Sportverein, Germany I 6. Klub Na Sauza Na Gluhite Sofia, Bulgaria
  7. Center Moscow, Russia   8. London Deaf Chess Club, England
 9. 1.PSKN Prague, Czech Republic  10. Rikis Vilnius, Lithuania
11. Gehörlosen Club St.Gallen, Switzerland 12.Club Deaf Sport Baku, Azerbaijan
 13. Sportclub of Sportimes Hlohovec, Slovakia 14. Schackklubben Kärnan Helsingborg, Sweden

List of participating players


Results Final

Kaschtan, Kyiv (Ukraine)

ICSC Europe Clubteam Champion 2009



Participants Clubteam

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  Qualification Criteria

All ICSC European Member Countries are eligible to enter a club team the 19th Europa Cup Club Team Championships in Hamburg 2009 based on the following criteria:


a) The participating ICSC member-country must update its ICSC membership for
     2009 - by a written request to the ICSC Secretary up to 31st March 2009, the
     2009 Subscription as well as the ICSC Europa Cup entry fee be paid in
     Hamburg, prior to the competition;
b) Should am ICSC member-country have more than one club team, the country
    must organise a qualification competition. Results must be submitted to the
    ICSC Secretary at least one month prior to Hamburg;
c) The results must include both game and board results and final tables;
d) ICSC Member-countries having only one club team are requested to write to
    the ICSC Secretary for approval to participate;
e) Only one foreign player is permitted for each team but the same player 
    has to take part in the qualification competition.
Any queries, please contact the ICSC Secretary via e-mail





Bulletin No.2

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