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Claudio DIATTO borns in Turin in 1953. He achieves a diploma at the State Secondary School "Accademia Albertina". His first appearances and artistic shows go back to 1972. During this period, employed as designer in planning memorial materials and architectural restoration, he gets registered at the faculty of architecture at the Turin Polytecnnic. In those years he contributes to the repairs carried out at the "Basilica of Superga", "Palazzo Madama" and the Dome of Turin. In 1978, at the threshold of his university degree at hand a successfull career, he gives up to both. Intolerant towards any kind of conformism, his mind is made up and chooses the artistic vocation dedicated completely to painting. He then moves to Arbi, a hamlet located in the "High langa" in the Piedmont Region. He decides that here people and places are suitable to face the first difficult years; those of his artistic experimentation.

The pictorial research starts in 1979 which leads him to his personal elaborations of the acrylic tcnique; still in phase of development.

The first series of silk screen printings are "LUNA DI LANGA" published in 1982. This tecnique is so congenial to his expression that he devote himself to it with passion up to planning and carrying out personally the printing process.

During that period, in Valmasino, he carried out two big mural paintings requested by the National Artist Association.

This kind of painting fascinated him so that he continues to execute it, every now and then, upon private commitments.

The first personal show abroad takes place in 1983 at the Fersen of Antibes Gallery directed by the American, Judith Fox. Here he finds a stimulating environment which encourages him to pursue the path undertaken. This is the beginning of a parallel path starting in France wich leads him to a personal show in Paris in 1991 at the "Le Breton" Gallery and the last one in 1995 at the National Museum of Nogent-le-Rotrou.

Between the years 1985 and 1987 he publishes the following series of silk screen printings: "VIAGGIATORI", "FRAGILI MEMORIE", "TZINGARATA" and "VARIANTI"; the last two serie in co-operation with poets CAPOGNA, MILANO, LUZI and MARIANO.

In 1987, he spends a few months at the Spanish Pyrenees preparing a personal show for the "ESTOL" Gallery of Barcellona. This show marks his changement from an intimist period of soft, delicate colours to the current one where both tecnique and composition are more chromatc and vigorous.

From the beginning of his artistic career, in his executions, DIATTO pursues the metaphor of time. Presently he's working on the series "ARCIPELAGO DEL TEMPO" started in 1994. In accordance to the fantastic figuration of the artist, the theme is carried out with poetic references to fairy tales and myths hence expressed in the paintings, in the silk screen printings, in the mixed tecniques and in the ligneous polychrome assemblages.

During this path, it should be mentioned, the pubblication in 1995 of "IL CONIGLIO NEL FRIGO" (colletion of drawings and those of minor importance) published by the periodical UROBURO where the artist collaborates and recently the realization of the silk screen printings entitled "IL SOGNO DI LUIGI" in occasion of the 30th year of fondation of "GRUPPO ABELE" (humanitary association).

From 1996 the silk screen printings is exposed in the Museum of Modern art of Senigallia. In 1997 it realizes the show it Operates Visionary, scenes and customs for four lyric work: Traviata, Cinderella, Carmen, The Rake's Progress, for the Theater Carlo Felice in Genoa.
In 1998 it is present to the International Fair in Bologna and Milan.

For over 20 years, DIATTO persist in living in "LANGA".

You can see some work of his from "FORME E COLORI" - via Vacca, 37 - 12037 SALUZZO - CN - ITALY