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SATURN is an EC funded research project concerned with the investigation of “Smart” antenna technology for application to wireless communications systems. The project was started on 1st January 2000 and 318 person months of work will be undertaken over 30 calendar months.


“Smart” Antennas

SATURN is concerned with the use of so called “Smart” antennas. In particular the project is concerned with the use of adaptive antenna arrays. The project will consider the application of antenna arrays to Outdoor, High Bit Rate Mobile Services (particularly UMTS) and to Local and Campus Area Wireless Networks (particularly based on HIPERLAN). Both single antenna array scenarios (where an array is used either on transmit or receive) and dual array scenarios (where an array is used on both transmit and receive) will be considered. The latter scenario is commonly referred to as a Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) scenario.


Project Objectives

The project aims to investigate the potential improvements in the availability of high bit rate wireless services that can be achieved by use of adaptive antennas. It also aims to determine how antenna arrays can be used to provide enhanced location information. 

In UMTS, transmit diversity schemes using cross-polarised antennas will be analyzed in this project.

At the same time, the potential benefits of using smart antenna technology to increase the bit rate capacity of a fading channel will be exploited in applications other than cellular mobile radio, such as wireless local and campus area networks using HIPERLAN technology.

In addition, a new application of smart antenna technology has emerged from the growing interest in location based services. Array processing technology will be used to enhance the mobile location function, particularly in areas where triangulation between several base-stations is problematic.

The SATURN project is designed to address these issues, with the following objectives:

  1. To promote enhanced availability of high bit rate wireless services with the use of smart antennas for mixed tele-traffic scenarios. This means making services available to more people, more of the time at higher speeds (mobility/location), and/or at greater ranges.

  2. To consider how smart antennas can provide enhanced location information.

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