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What you will find on this page:
my own CFS2 add-ons
These tend to improve the graphics, gameplay and realism, providing better feedback to the player, for example through enhanced damage effects. The add-ons are very respectful of the sim, its scope and ambience. They are also rather efficient in terms of framerate (at least on a p3-600 with a Voodoo5 5500).
A wishlist compiled from the many suggestions and requests received and, well, my own ideas (I too have ideas, sometimes;-)
CFS2 tips and tricks
Many of these will make this amazing sim MUCH more enjoyable and realistic. Some of these come from smart simmers posting around the web, other stuff derives from my own observations
Net forums related to Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2 and historical sites devoted to the Pacific Theater of Operations
Read up on the air war in the Pacific!

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, just drop a line to nibbio at
(BTW I'm getting a humongous quantity of emails, more than 1000 so far; I answer each and every one but it takes more and more time, please be patient and if you don't get a reply in less than a week, please email me again)
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